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  1. Like many of you, I’ve never met Bob in person. He’s been there for as long as I can remember. He played a big part in making this community fun and interesting. And I can’t bring myself to believe anyone would make a joke of such a horrible thing. It’s a shocking thing for someone so young. It makes you (and rightly so) re-evaluate certain things in your life.
  2. I don’t quite understand what Fat is talking about but I was poking around the website and accidentally had myself ordained. I hit undo, but nothing happened.
  3. The 9700 Pro graphics look better than the GF4s. Its easily the better card. But there’s a huge difference in price. If you got a GF4ti4400 you could probably upgrade your processor with the xtra cash.
  4. d00d! Can I call and ask for you?
  5. I don’t build machines for the low price. I could never expect to compete with the quantity deals big resellers get. I get a better, faster machine because I can handpick each part. Plus it’s easy to upgrade. If something breaks, I replace it. Every new part I’ve ever bought came with at least a year warranty (AMD processors come with a 3 year warranty). I’ve had many more problems with Dell’s than the machines I build (including some really dumb quality control issues). Dell’s service is great if you can’t troubleshoot your own machine. But I’ve wasted many frustrating hours on the phone with Dell techs as they page through their troubleshooting binders while I try to tell them what the problem is. Raise your hand if the first thing you do when you get a new computer is format C: Red Hat, the "Windows " of Linux
  6. Stinger, I think you mean you laughed your "donkey's" off. That site is right up there with mytrailerpark.com <== Real Ninja (free time is spent flying, but sometime they stab)
  7. w00t, Camel. DHD's air-cooled CS server
  8. Dell uses proprietary power supplies too. They also cheese out in other ways. If all you do is surf the web, email, and IM; name brand computers are for you. If you do anything that requires performance or you want to be able to customize/upgrade you need to build you own box. Its actually very easy and cheap these days. You really don’t have to worry about having to set dip-switches, IRQ’s, and configure hardware manually anymore. The best thing to do if you don’t know what hardware to buy is to read reviews at a place like Tom's Hardware. There's plenty of info on the web on building systems. Click here for info on an emachines replacement power supply. Cane is right on the $ with his first post. You should be able to get a case and power supply for around $50.
  9. That’s a whole lotta wings... or Chuck looks pretty bad without his makeup... you pick.
  10. lol. For those that bought the 4-disc Special Edition DVD its on there too. It's kinda hidden though.
  11. 1.76 Gig. All maps. No skins.
  12. Ok, DJ you’ve thoroughly confuzzled me.
  13. There is a possibility that good ‘ol Osama Bin Laden may be insane too. This is just a guess. But he has this quirk where he likes to kill thousands of innocent people because he doesn't like the fact that their government supports religions other than Islam. Why can’t the Arabs just say “thank you very much for making us so rich by buying our oil� and then build themselves nice countries with all the cash we’ve given them. Instead they feel the need to kill each other and destroy the land they claim to hold dear. I guess they got bored with that and decided to expand their playing field. I’m not sure what to think about people who dance in the streets at the news that thousands of Americans are burning and jumping to their deaths.
  14. That means exactly zip. You should hear what is said about tourists here in Orlando. I say bring it on. I doubt there is a virus we can't handle. Are we supposed to cower before a terrorist threat? Butch up people. Be assured that Saddam Hussein is quite insane. In October he held an “election� in which we are supposed to believe 100% the Iraqi population voted and 100% of voters voted for him. And to “thank� the people of Iraq for re-electing him unanimously he thought it would be nice to release every criminal from prison. Hundreds of thousands of murders and rapists we’re released back in to the population. The press foreign press (CNN, etc.), which is normally highly restricted in Iraq, was invited to witness the election and the release of the prisoners. They were quickly kicked out of the country when thousands of Iraqi women began protesting because their husbands who had been arrested for their political beliefs didn’t come home. The Iraqi Ministry of Information didn’t want us to figure out that political prisoners are killed. Now picture this screwball with chemical and nuclear weapons. Should we back down because you don’t want to lose your JPEGS and MP3’s?
  15. LOL, goot. The plus and minus (the ones next to the backspace key, not the ones on the keypad) scale your screen to a diferent resolution. This can make your crosshairs be in the wrong place. I had this problem when I played on my lousy laptop.
  16. Choke has nothing to do with video. It is a problem with communication from the server. --from Orbital's CS tweaking guide Always use OpenGL if your video card supports it. You’ll have a much higher frame rate.
  17. Nice job Fat. It’s nice to see pics of people I’ve spent so much time with. That pic of Bdg makes me laf.
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