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  1. iMeantToDoThat

    Gummy Bear

    add me as friend, JKegs#2819
  2. iMeantToDoThat

    Back for Season 5

  3. iMeantToDoThat

    Back for Season 5.

    Add me Jkegs on battle.net Jkegs #2819 or just Jkegs for my battle.net id???? not got many friends on diablo
  4. iMeantToDoThat

    Back for Season 5

    Paragon points open up leveling past lvl cap. Now the 1-60 is the warmup. My battle.net is Jkegs There are also new events, rifts, lots of stuff part of the Reaper of Souls Xpac
  5. iMeantToDoThat

    Please Read: I want to share you guys something

    Im down to play. Could others wanting to try throw ur names here and well try to get a game together
  6. iMeantToDoThat

    Peanut's story

    such simple instructions. are they too simple or not simple enough? am i talking about the people or the intsructions? heheheeeeee -_-
  7. iMeantToDoThat


    sooommmedaaayy sooommmeehoooowwww, gonna make a mutation but not riiiggghhttt nowwww. P.S. - jk, dont ban me
  8. iMeantToDoThat

    Back for Season 5

    Im going to get my account sorted and will post my nfo here once done. I didnt realize so many here played it and ive been itchin for some diablo lately!
  9. iMeantToDoThat

    Discord, future, etc.

    Me as well
  10. iMeantToDoThat

    Johnny's Hall of Fame, Shame, Fun Times, and Lolz

    I think the kids call them "rages" XD Aw, but we're all grown-ups dc in this case = Death Charge! Noobs
  11. iMeantToDoThat

    Who's better Dixie or Peanut?

    pics and video coming soon (when i clean up some of this 8TB of photos, videos and games
  12. iMeantToDoThat

    Who's better Dixie or Peanut?

    Also if you get those booms without rocket spawning. A combination of the Dixie 1 person boom and the Carlos vanilla boom. God help us all if they pull this off.
  13. iMeantToDoThat

    FFO 2016 Info

    Im interested in this
  14. iMeantToDoThat

    Who's better Dixie or Peanut?

    Since time immemorial discussion and debate on this topic have driven men and women insane. Rioting and looting from the panic of said discussion have filled the streets. NO MORE!! Now its time to settle once and for all who's better. Videos of either dying are appreciated but there are bound to be so many we crash the server!