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  1. chixor

    Why do you hate peanut? :P

    you take that back mad
  2. chixor

    Stream of Conciousness

    nope pls explain
  3. chixor

    Stream of Conciousness

    Today the gym smelled like pizza and that just seems really unfair. Also I scraped my knee on a brick wall because I forgot how to walk like how does that even happen
  4. okay, this is good ... this gives me and all our mutual friends adequate time to find a way to get to England..
  5. chixor

    @Johnny, bad news...

    Johnny where are you finding these amazing HD quality photos of bacon? Is this like bacon porn?
  6. Now that your friends have given their wholehearted support you can set a wedding date and wait for disaster!
  7. chixor

    Word Associationess

  8. congratulations!! i'd love to meet the woman who was able to put up with you for so long .. and want to continue doing it
  9. chixor


    The first post I've seen you make on the forums, and it's an insult towards me... I'm proud <3 You'll make an apt student. I was looking for my opening and found it.. An opportunity to insult you can never go wasted.
  10. chixor

    [SPOILER] Walking Dead, why? :<

    Wow, well argued, jibb. I retract my previous (unarticulated) points. Glenn could very well be dead.
  11. chixor


    your quote captures your personality so elegantly tainted, grammar errors and all.
  12. chixor

    [SPOILER] Walking Dead, why? :<

    All aboard, next stop: denial! There are lots of reasons people don't think he's dead so no worries. 1) he's glenn and his fanbase borders on cultish and it'd certainly be an interesting turn of events for the show if he was killed 2) he wasn't on the talking dead or the "In Memoriam" section they usually have 3) Nicholas fell with him and when the zombies were attacking, the way his blood pooled/entrails were shown they were too far up on his body, suggesting that it was Nicholas getting attacked instead of him. 4) TWD is all about those twists, there's probably a hole in the dumpster that he pulled himself under and up into. 5) If he was really dead, REALLY dead, why wouldn't they make that absolutely without a doubt clear? Anyway, I was a hair away from breaking out in a sweat like ha ha they're gonna get out of this right? RIGHT? GUYS? I personally don't think he's dead and they wrapped the episode up too neatly by making him seem dead and then fitting a 90-minute flashback episode between that one and the resolution where we find it out. Let's hope!