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  1. Hello, I've been enjoying playing L4D2 10 v 10 on your servers. I just joined this past December and it has renewed my interest in the game when I was about to quit playing. I find the games to be fun, fast paced and very competitive. Just sat down to play a game and found myself to be permanently banned for griefing. An admin named Meant? banned me @ 02//01/16 00:40 Before I ask how this came to be, I did consult the Guide for requesting an Un-banning. Information: kellerj1 is the only name I've ever used. It's not very original and doesn't reference anything. It's just me. Banned 02/01/16 00:40 I'm not sure exactly which gamrs.co !buy L4D2 server that said event occurred on. But if I'm reading it right, I've been permanently banned from all of them. What happened: This is where it gets confusing for me. Not sure. Obviously something I did was interpreted as griefing and I can't offer when or where or on what map that it happened on. Responsibility: Not trying to dodge anything here. I feel like I've appeared in a police line up and I've been identified for something I didn't do. Apologize: Sincerely stated apology is best bet here according to the guide. I'm sorry... Flatter: I got banned before when I was new for rushing. I didn't agree with it because I didn't feel like I was rushing. But I took the punishment like a man and didn't complain. It was for only 1 day and I went outside instead and enjoyed the day light. Behaviour for better: I have a microphone but I never use it. Maybe I should start using it. I don't hang around or read any of the forums...until now. Thank you