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  1. SpenceTheChef

    Do y'all want another server?

    I'll throw one out there. There was an idea that we floated around for a while at my old clan that we never really got off the ground that would be cool to see implemented: an "Old School" sever. The idea was that we would have a server, independent of our normal dedicated ones, that would host a rotating list of various retro games. It would cycle to a new game after a set amount of time (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month; we never really came to an answer on that). As far as a roster of games, our clan thought about running stints of former divisions/games that we no longer had dedicated servers for; think Unreal Tournament 2004, Quake III Arena, R6: Raven Shield (and other Tom Clancy-series games), Counter Strike 1.6, Team Fortress Classic, various Call of Duty, Battlefield/Bad Company, and Medal of Honor titles, and then games that just had old school deathmatch/multiplayer stuff that we enjoyed like Duke Nukem 3D, Alien vs Predator 2000, Turok 2, etc. Granted, it would need to be tailored to games that multiple people here would both own and want to play. It was never something we could get off the ground because we couldn't find consistent player numbers for, but I think it would be cool to see if the support was there.
  2. SpenceTheChef

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    Or perhaps a compromise. Maybe drop the damage scale for landing the rocket. Where as hunter requires some skill and prep to hit that max pounce with the wall/ceiling jumps, max jockey damage currently just means you ghost jump in and drop on someone. Maybe the max drops, so that you can still hit some nice damage, but not a 1/4 health drop just for falling down. Rocket Jockey is great, and I'm grateful we have it. I just suppose it could be a bit more balanced.
  3. SpenceTheChef

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    I wouldn't say that the points delivered for a Jockey ride are the problem; an attentive team will shut that down pretty quickly. The issue, at least from observing gameplay this week, is the damage that rocket jockey delivers. It hits like a truck, and I believe it's been stated that the damage for landing a RJ is more than a max Hunter pounce. And I totally love the rocket jockey plays, but I can see why people are unhappy with it.
  4. SpenceTheChef

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    He does it for the love and adoration of strangers on the internet. That's almost as good as physical money, right?
  5. SpenceTheChef

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    I think a simple thing that would boost smoker is awarding points when you cause the person you smoked to be dropped to their death. As it is, you lose out on the 5 points for the kill, and any other bonus points for killing an admin or whatever. Additionally, you should get points if you leave someone hanging off a ledge with your smoke. that's almost as good as an incap, as they either need to waste points, or wait for teammate assistance. Granting points for leaving someone hanging would also be a buff to Jockey points as well, which I think is the more common class to do it with.
  6. SpenceTheChef


    So, I don't really have a viable solution for this issue at the moment, but I feel like it's something to brainstorm. Now, I know that fire is a natural counter to witches, but after watching the same person melt four of our team's witches by rebuying molotovs and chucking them into the next area with little risk to his health bar, I feel like there needs to be some balancing on the points menu, or something. It's kinda ridiculous that something the infected team has to pay anywhere from 20-35 points for can be nullified by molotovs (and things like gas cans) for less than 1/5 the cost. And really, it's something that can compound into other perks as well. 2/3 of the special hordes can be shut down with a single well-placed molotov, again for only a fraction of the price infected has to pay for the horde (5 points compared to 15). I'm not saying fire items need to be done away with, because they are helpful tools, but there needs to be some balance between those items and the infected's items.
  7. SpenceTheChef

    The Passing Update

    I wanna make the case that we update the finale on The Passing. For reference, on map 3 of Hard Rain, Spitters are disabled until the elevator makes it to the top floor of the mill, for good reason. In that same vein, I think we need to disable Spitters on the finale of Passing until the elevator makes it to the ground floor. Every playthrough on that map with bots, even just 1, results in rocket Spitters covering the elevator with spit, and the bots dancing around outside the elevator, unable to get inside. This in turn leaves everyone stuck in this small area until the bot dies, or the infected screw up their timing and lapse in their Spitter attacks. On a full server, this isn't really an issue, though it is a bit of a point farm area for infected. But at any point with bots on the survivor team, it slows gameplay to a crawl, and makes it highly difficult for survivors to field a full team into the actual finale. Just a suggestion, but I think it would help improve the overall campaign.
  8. SpenceTheChef

    Feedback on Hazmat Hordes

    I think that would honestly improve that option, since it more often then not is just purchased because it's the stepping stone to Witches on Respawn.
  9. SpenceTheChef


    Played on a server from time to time that let you spawn a horde of Jimmy Gibbs Jr zombies. That'd be pretty cool, too.
  10. SpenceTheChef

    Tank Limit Idea

    1HP tank would be a bit underpowered. I get the idea that you're going for, but a single stray shot and it would instantly die. Perhaps 10HP or 20HP, to make it just a smidge more viable?
  11. SpenceTheChef

    Ban Requests - Post Here

    # 5458 11 "BrianTheLegend" STEAM_1:0:177047505 11:02 140 0 active 30000 # 5378 16 "Reyes" STEAM_1:1:90095303 29:39 211 2 active 30000 Both rushing ahead of their team, Reyes also swearing in chat. Screenshot: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/277352849040223194/C246F64AD4056203BBF5AB0F2B651EE7F6CB9F72/
  12. SpenceTheChef

    Ban Requests - Post Here

    Carlos del Rey <STEAM_1:1:55877138> - Swearing in voice chat, burping/sneezing/throat clearing in mic, hanging around in back of the spawn and refusing to move. Fled server after someone started a votekick.
  13. SpenceTheChef

    New Points System Addition

    Finally, the second fiddle infected get some point buffs. Now, if only we could get points/achievements for landing Rocket Jockeys...