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  1. would her name be changed to Mozzerella?
  2. Gardevoir

    Trip to NYC

    And whatever you do, don't wear that "I <3 NYC" t-shirt. People were chuckling at me for wearing it, even though I was only 8 and my parents forced me to wear it.
  3. Gardevoir

    Kicked for "Admin Reserve Slots"

    Well thank you for the prompt response and clearing this issue up with me.
  4. I have to say this server is amazing. The buy system makes this 10v10 server shine from others. But there are flaws, and here I want to talk about my biggest problem with this server, being kicked for "admin reserve slots". I'll explain. Firstly, I want to point out that I can understand spectator slots going to admins only, and that anyone who joins with 2 spectator slots open (who's not an admin) gets booted. What really upsets me and frustrates me is when I join the already packed server, with 1 slot left for someone to play, I get kicked for "Admin Reserve Slots" 10 minutes into playing (and I feel this only happens to me, which probably isn't true). I don't understand it because if I'm the 20th person, and there's 22 slots, why would I get kicked if 2 slots are still open to the administration? If you guys could explain this, I'm open to hearing everything. Thanks