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  1. JodaHero

    Back After A Long Time

    Hmmmm, hopefully i can find some kind of cheap option or something in the coming month
  2. JodaHero

    Back After A Long Time

    Hey guys, I haven't played in a while but have been back on recently because I really missed playing l4d2 with everyone! With that being said, I really would like to play more often and be more involved with the community, one of the things that have been making it really hard for me to do this is not being able to invest in a better laptop or pc. Mine is about dead, I've had it since I've been in middle school and it runs below 35 fps. Honestly the only game I'm able to run on it from steam is l4d2, and barely lol. Because of my financial situation throughout the years I haven't been able to make this investment, but some of my gamer friends suggested I try out a go-fund-me to see if anyone wants to help out from the community, give it a read if possible and anything is helpful! I really want to start streaming on twitch! go-fund-me: gf.me/u/xsfvpw
  3. Ooo 2nd joyride achievement. Could be called Ferris Bueller's Days Off.
  4. I was just thinking of some new things that could possibly be added to make gameplay alot more awesome. One such thing is more achievements to get. Like a third Sky Diver achievement, 2nd showstopper, 2nd leveling achievement etc. Another thing i thought of was how we have VIP mode, i talked to alot of members and they think having a mode where all survivors must use grenade launchers only sounds alot of fun. Post any ideas you have that would be cool to add into GC i wanna hear'em!
  5. Haven't done this in awhile, me personally, i'm looking forward to it.
  6. JodaHero

    Guitar Lessons

    Practicing has alot to do with developement i'm sure you've heard that with anything; I never took lessons and idk how to read actual sheet music either haha so don't get discouraged from that. Also a note for finger picking, i like to make sure i keep my nails short on both hands while playing. Some good exercises you can do to develop your skill, take something that you have a hard time doing (for me i have hard time doing sweet picking); start off slow and then make your way doing it faster. However I like to start off with learning something at a fast pace so i know what i'm dealing with, then i slow it down (if that makes any sense). Something that will really help you develop skills without learning scales or something formal, is picking a song you REaLLY like and try to learn it. You have the most connection with this song and motivation to learn it (which will make you enjoy it and enjoy hearing yourself play the notes). So when there's a hard part in the song that normally you don't think you can do, since it's a tune you really are connected with it'll be more natural for you and that's how I developed myself.