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  1. LittleUnique

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    1. When and how did you find out about GC? And which game did/do you play on? How long have you been gaming on GC overall? When did I find out about GC I don’t really remember, but my older sibling made me play l4d2 and play infected I was scared poopless lol. Since then i’ve been gaming on GC for at least 2 years. Otherwise I was on and off when playing in the GC servers. 2. Share about your very first day on GC or just your first month or so, how did it go? Whether good or bad, let’s hear it from you. Ahaha, my very first day on GC was the funniest. I had no clue what to do, I didn’t even know how to use the !buy menu. Plus like every new noobie I was rushing to get to the safe room. It wasn’t until then I got kicked out for rushing. I didn't learn from that and got kicked out a couple of times xD 3. Tell me about friends you have made while playing our servers and what roles did they have into making you have fun gaming in general. The first few months I kept to myself, I didn’t want to add anybody, or talk to anyone. The only thing I ever wrote in game was !sp, !buy, !np, and !tp. It wasn’t after a few people added me and I got to know them well. I've made some amazing friends on here and they duh best. A shout out to Joda, Flower, Woof, Rhineford, Shaf and maybe Nieve (LOL) but also some other people I've made friends that were my other homies made me laugh a lot and I learned how to play better from them. Ya know who you are. Thanks for everything. What roles did they have into making me have fun in game. Well they yell at me and when i’m doing good in game they tell me that i’m throwing, so thats always fun lol xD but just them being in game makes it worth it and thats why its fun. 4. What keeps you coming back to play GC? I keep coming back to GC because of the friends i’ve made and to just have fun. Whether my team is losing or winning. I’ll always still have fun. Even if it means i have to carry them with my horrible aim. 5. How has GC affected you as a person, whether big or small, share about it. GC has made me open my eyes that you can make friends online and still have a good time with them. 6.What are some fond memories that you can recall on while playing games on GC servers? Any funny ones? Any sad ones? I have so many memories in GC, they are mostly funny ones not sad. There was a time I used my mic and I said Hi, and people were sooooo shocked that I was finally using mic in game. Yeah, so i won’t use my mic after that. Catch me in discord 7.What song reminds you of GC? Cardi B - Bodak Yellow 8.What is a goal you want to accomplish next year? And for those who play L4D2, what is something you want to work on getting better at in the game? My goal is to start getting back into my photography work after taking a long break. For l4d2 I want to work on getting better at playing hunters. I wanna do them ceiling pounces ya know.
  2. LittleUnique

    Achievement ideas

    Great Idea Rudolph! ^ lol or instead of "Not Today" how about "Maybe Someday" >.<