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Liv last won the day on April 21 2018

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  • Birthday 12/12/1919

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    Left 4 Dead 2
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    rodents, animals in general, computer stuff.
  1. Liv

    Eating between respawns

    I have ruined 3 or more keyboards by rushing to take a drink and a bite of food in 13 seconds before I respawn. You think I would have learned to stop eating at my desk. Of course I didn't.
  2. I just wanted to show everyone my new gaming buddy! His name is Axel. I'm already teaching him to bully peanut so don't worry.
  3. Liv

    Congrats to Neptune Centari!

    Wow I know I'm really late on this but I'm so happy for you, Neptune! I hope you and the baby are doing well. <3 best wishes!
  4. Liv

    Server 2 Add-On Just a gentle reminder

    I think I have the mod where if a boomer vomits on you it doesn't show up on screen. Should I take that off?
  5. Liv


    I don’t see mercmans twitch acc?
  6. Liv


    If anyone has live streams of the 10v10 servers here on twitch I’d love to watch them. I would record gameplay myself but the computer I’m using right now can barely handle l4d2 on the lowest settings. my good pc is still in storage :/
  7. Liv

    10v10 Activity

    Does anyone play 10v10 anymore? I have been checking the servers all day and they usually fill up around 4-6pm my time. Did people just stop playing? I have been gone for a few months so I don’t know if anything has changed.
  8. It'd be better if it was hordes about every 6-7 survivor !heals
  9. Liv

    My bad Maestro

    Queen is pretty much the nicest thing you can say to someone in 'murica
  10. Liv

    My bad Maestro

    About me calling Dixie a "queen" earlier, I was joking when you asked who it was directed to. Didn't really understand how it was offensive or homophobic. I won't do it again, sorry.
  11. Liv

    Ban Requests - Post Here

    but Jerry, pingu is NO LUCK ALL SKILL.
  12. Liv


    either one
  13. Liv


    : )))
  14. Liv


    Apparently my computer is too slow to have 2 tabs open at once, but I'm sure this would be gr8.