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  1. Hello y'all! Been a long time. Miss the days of CS:S and FragfestS (plural)!!! Just looking to see if anyone is still around these parts...
  2. bear^

    Starting up again

    i plan to get back to the gym too. have not been since july! haha
  3. Save lots to retire guys, we're gonna need it. With no social security, a huge national debt, enormous health care costs... Ron Paul has talked about this for a while. The financial pains we're about to go through. The Federal Reserve created this problem. People say the Fed is great because they bailed out Bear Sterns, which kept them from going under, which would have lead to a crash of the entire financial system. BUT, they created this problem in the first place! They built the housing bubble, diluted the value of the dollar(which is a major reason why Oil has been rising in price), and are continuing to try to patch a broken system. Has Lehman Brothers hit rock bottom yet? Lehman Brothers is twice as big as Bear Sterns and was able to weather the credit-storm longer, because they have more cash. Can the Fed bail out Lehman Brothers too? What about in a few more months, when the only 3 banks bigger than these two could be in trouble. These financial pains run deep. Scary stuff.
  4. bear^

    Work Out Plan Week 10!

    w00t thanks for the info Piku! im gonna check out that program right now!
  5. bear^

    Work Out Plan Week 10!

  6. Glad to see you are back on the wagon NOFX! I think im going to try your recommended shake mix too. Keep on it, now that yer going again. I just make it part of my daily schedule.
  7. bear^

    Work Out Plan Week 10!

    returning to full time lifting this week finally through this sickness, mostly? rawr!!!!!!
  8. bear^

    Work Out plan week 8!?!?!?!

    end'd up going to the doc on friday and got some meds plan to start workin out again tomorrow morning, YAY! hope u guys are healthy and infection free!! hahaha
  9. bear^

    Work Out plan week 8!?!?!?!

    bear^ is sick i will be taking a few days off from workin out currently sap'd of energy any tips to get me better faster? a bus of super models?
  10. bear^

    Last Supper

    nice work! :luxhello:
  11. bear^

    My math test..Heres one of the questions

    isnt it 1? it would be two points if the equation read x = g(y) just guessin, i never ran into 2 many typos in my previous math classes, but i suppose thats a bad statistic to judge this situation on... either way, i will be checking back when the answer is known
  12. I had a dirt bike in my younger teen years, decided i wanted to get something else with a motor and 2 wheels. Getting an '04 Suzuki GSX600F Katana Not the sweetest bike ever, but should be good for me be a beginner, eh? Any riders out there wanna give me some helpful tips? I've got a couple guys I know that are going to show me the ropes, but the more info i get the better. Thanks!
  13. bear^

    Work OUT Plan Week 7!

    found myself a workout partner!!! w00t! finally working out the legs on a regular basis mon-wed-fri are upper body days tues-thur are leg days trying to run more, but it got cold here this week so i wimped out (it was 80 here 5 days ago, it was 30 this morning) "1000, oooo, that's a deep burn..."
  14. bear^

    Statistics UPDATE #3

    Name: bear^ Age: 26 Weight: 170 Body Fat %: Lower than 4 weeks ago Desired weight: 185 (200 someday if possible, without getting prego) Height: 6'4" Weekly Work Out (hrs): 10-12 Bench Max: 160 Bench 8 Rep: 145 Desired 8 rep: (as long at it keeps going up, i dont care) Squats Max: squat'd today for the first time in years, lol Squats 8 Rep: " " yay, im gain'n weight!!!! post up lads, show off dem statzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :luxhello: :luxhello:
  15. bear^

    Work out plan week 6

    sweet! thanks coco! im headed to the gym right now, arm'd with your information! muhahahahahah