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  1. Cujo

    Let's talk dates!

    A hotel works great if you have 80+ people coming. Given only 41 even voted for a weekend I don't think that's happening. What was wrong with Black Wolf? Other than not being at a hotel it was perfect. Close to various restaurants and booze stores. Even when the AC didn't work two years ago it was a great weekend (wth IS DOWNLOADING!!).
  2. Cujo

    Almost here! Updatering! Read on!

    I'll take the cs logo please.
  3. Cujo

    Who is coming?

    Ya, how much fun would it be to sit in there with our computers all going full tilt and no AC again!
  4. Cujo

    Who is coming?

    That was me My comp died because I removed hard drives and it caused a bsod. I will not be removing hard drives this year.... i'll also be sure to wear body armor I'm sure it wasn't only you. I'm pretty sure it happened when your comp was fully off. Anyway, it was just some light hearted - half serious humour.
  5. Cujo

    Who is coming?

    I'm just going to say this ahead of time but whoever the F is downloading you'd better avoid attending this year if you want to live...
  6. Cujo

    FFO 2013 - I Need a Ride Open Thread

    Just saw this thread now. Am coming from Mississauga, Ontario through Buffalo, NY if anyone needs a ride and is close to my route. Only thing is I have to leave EARLY Sunday morning (6am early). Oh and PM me in case I forget to check this.
  7. Cujo

    Howdy Folks!

    samurai, how is it i have more posts than you and i haven't shown my face in two years?? sup windex and everyone else. WT F seems to be going in the pooper so you may see me around more frequently. /thread hijack edit - lol sensor changed wt f to wth. it stands for "what the fun"!
  8. i'm a bit late on this but i've got 2 x u2410. awesome monitors. you'll be very happy. btw, i got a sweet deal on them. paid $480 cdn each about 6 months ago. the plan is to add a 3rd one for eyefinity someday.
  9. is this game co-op at all?
  10. that's a terrible warranty. my 8800gtx evgas came with a lifetime warranty... a $120 card will outperform your current card and bring you up to date technology wise. don't waste too much energy on this.
  11. i believe the correct term is "pyramidding". haha. that's what my friends dubbed it anyways. i've been doing that for years.
  12. Cujo

    Resolution question

    yes you can run two. i'm currently running 2 x 24" monitors both at 1920x1200 with a single 8800gtx. current cards will run their max resolution on every output.
  13. get the 4550. MUCH better and fanless to boot.
  14. Cujo

    Fellow ASUS Fans...

    just bought myself a ul80vt. pretty freakin nice.