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  1. Leumash

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    Infected used to be able to spam heals non-stop. I got Jackie to put a stop to that. Melee weapons is an effective counter, BUT new players to our servers and members who don't use binds to buy melee weapons ( cough cough ) get absolutely wrecked by chargers spamming heals. That's why there is a 3 second cooldown on SI spamming heals.
  2. Leumash

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    Charger punches aren't OP. It's honestly only useful in very specific situations. If you try to charger punch a group of survivors (and survivors are rarely not in a group) you get melted. Personally, I think charger punches are only useful in tight enclosed areas when the survivors are completely separated. And even then, if a lone survivor has a melee weapon, you still melt. If a lone survivor is in an open area, then survivor runs out of melee distance. Again, all viable situations being completely contingent on the survivor being alone. But this is besides the point, I was suggesting the 1-second heal timer for various reasons, charger punching being one of. Other situations, such as jockey/hunter/smoker on a separated survivor is totally worth spamming heals so you don't die from other survivors shooting at you from a distance. Even having charged a survivor and moving them a large distance/hard to shoot area benefits from multiple heals. I often heal to survive just that little bit to try to ensure the incapacitation.
  3. Leumash

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    The purpose of the timeout is to protect the infected from overbuying the heals, not to protect the survivors from infected healing too much. If it's really a big problem then increase the cost for buying heals. Being limited by time is really lame.
  4. Leumash

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    Can I make a request here? There's a feature that protects yourself from healing multiple times in a row. I'd assume this is so that infected don't accidentally waste points. The timeout for heals is 3 seconds, which is fine for tanks, but far too long for all other infected. Specifically, I like being a charger then punching survivors while healing. The 3 second timer is too long with a charger's low hp pool. I would suggest that 1 second would be good enough to prevent accidental rebuys and sufficient to be able to heal fast enough.