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  1. I come through this to express my apologies for any harm caused by the specific alleged case on my banning from the Gamers Coalition L4D2 servers. I terribly did not intend to. I've misjudged the conceptions in the definition of what kind of game exploits could've being used and which ones could not. That based on repeated times it was done before, other players and myself included, and with no complaining or information about is not being allowed at all. Not only, but inclusively, summing this up to the knowledge and previous experience on other 10x10 L4D2 servers in these years of gaming where some specific exploits were commonly not considered harmful due to the fact the both teams could use it as a group and not seen as game bug exploitation or alike. I reiterate, it's not a justification, but merely a misconception and miscommunication of my part. After all, I'm pleased to the fact that you have a developed great community in times of great discord and bad relationship between players in most of multiplayer games. Specific cases, as my personal experience, being L4D2 and CS game servers, where intolerance, insulting, harassment and other toxic behaviors seems to be the keywords spread out nowadays between new players. I'm satisfied and proud to see such a community, where these kind of behaviors are discouraged in favor of cooperation, civility, joy and friendship. It was a place not common to find these days and certainly pleasant to attend on the various game sessions I've played. I've met indelible good people there and people those were not only nice as teammates but as person themselves. Fact that has being of extremely importance these days, albeit I maybe had nor manner or time to express as such. Finally, I ask it to be seen not as an solicitation to get unbanned from the servers, because there are the rules and they must be applied. After almost four decades, one thing that you entirely understand (or should, at least if you still don't) is that there are consequences for every action. So I totally agree with it. But I kindly come to everyone who matters, to see it as my gentle apologies to any dissatisfaction, disappointment or harm resulting from my actions. And seize the conclusion to say that it was really nice to be with everyone and specially the friends I've made. I'm proud to had known you. I hope this community continues to improve itself even more in its qualities and always stands itself as a home for nice players in the game I so much like. I sincerely apologize. Farewell. Respectfully yours, x-l0rd ( , < blank >, worthless)