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  1. Rashad

    My Gaming Space

    The a/c right in front of your face is a nice touch. I love it!
  2. I too pledged during the kickstarter campaign. Really looking forward to this one. The next module comes out in a couple of months, dog-fighting was it?
  3. Rashad

    Should I buy it?

    Been thinking about getting rust for some weeks now. I've watched some gameplay videos and I just don't understand what you're supposed to do. Is it like DayZ, or minecraft?
  4. Rashad


    Felt good to spend some time here again. Thanks for the positive comments about my avatar. Good show, great characters. Their first and only season was descent, a good foundation to build on. Dean Haglund, the man who played Langley in an interview a while back said: "No one dies in science fiction" so I still have hope.
  5. Rashad


    Been a while since I trolled these parts...just snooping.
  6. Rashad


    Hows it going?
  7. I purchased the alpha last month. A good casual game, at least for me. I've built a nice mine, and a cool killing machine (with the help of a tutorial). Too bad I didn't have this game back in middle school when still had creativity.
  8. Made a champion on Batman's server a couple weeks ago. Fun game, especially since it's free to play!
  9. Rashad


    The city of Verona. He even ordered pizza for our class that day. One of the other things I learned was to steer clear of firefighters when they're eating.
  10. I heard there is a new X-Files movie to be released this summer. What do our resident movie experts have to say about this?
  11. Will spring ever come? I was about to unbury my frisbee golf discs yesterday because it looked like the snow was going to melt from the rain, but instead we got sleet and a couple more inches of snow.
  12. Rashad


    I purchased Within Temptation's Newest CD, and I love it! Every song is pretty good, I just don't want to listen to it too much or else I will get sick of it.
  13. What a disappointment...the only decent song is "What I've Done." The CD left a bad taste in my mouth.
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