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  1. UselessBlue

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    I'm not good in english so i do my best 1.- Basically I found it in a Youtube video of l4d2, just play that game.I have been playing for 2 months now and i want to continue playing it much longer. 2.- My first game in a GC server was very bad, i had a lot of lag but I knew more or less how it was played, how to do the ghost jump and send points, because i spente whole nights watching videos of a guy who posted videos of hours playing l4d2. I was a little excited to be on a server where they did not leave you. 3.- Unfortunately I have not made friends but I would like to meet people 4.- The good atmosphere, and the most important thing is the desire of not leave anyone behind. 5.- It has made me less shy trying to talk people, because online or in real life I'm very shy, I would like to stop being but with people who have my hobbies and these would be a good oportunity. 6.- In the short time I have played the fun experiences have been that on one occasion everyone changed the nickname to look like mine, it was epic. I would like to continue creating new experiences. 7.- I do not listen to songs while I play but this reminds me when they are about to kill me or fail with the charger. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulVcj7y0Pv0 8.- My goals for the next year are to become better to play l4d2 and buy a good pc, because the 13 fps are not very good to say. Also have friends and have fun moments. Sorry I used google to help me a little xD