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  1. b00mslangFPS

    I'm banned and Idk why.

    Oh yeah I think I was dumb back then and called hacks on an admin in that server and that's what led to me being a weenie. Rofl, surely won't happen again. Thanks for the quick response and the un-ban.
  2. http://steamcommunity.com/id/nickdaforesimple/ This is my profile and Idk why I'm banned from the L4D2 servers. If I had to guess, it's more than likely because I went afk in the server or trolled or some dumb reason like that when I was a kid a few years back. However, I'm older now and I just wanna play on the L4D2 gamrs.co servers and have a fun time. So if I could be unbanned that'd be amazing . Please let me know why I was banned though, I'm just curious.