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  1. My brother just finished working on this game and submitted it to Kongregate. It is a first-person tower defense game. It was made using Unity, so you might have to install a plugin for that if you haven't already. But check it out and rate it if you have a minute. Shadowbait on Kongregate Thanks!
  2. Hahaha, this guy was recording a tutorial on how to build persistant fire for something like a fireplace. You need to watch it and see what happens. I feel bad for him if it actually auto saved or something though
  3. I'm planning on getting it. I'm trying to talk all my controller-noob friends to switch from xbox to PC for it so I can play with them. I haven't seen too much of it though. Are there going to be helicopters in it? I really love going on chopper rides in BF games!
  4. Awesome info! That's exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks man!
  5. Did anyone get it for PC? How is the multiplayer with that IWnet stuff?
  6. Observing?! More like taking a safari adventure capturing elusive photographs of endangered golfers!
  7. I've got a 360 I could bring also. Maybe we could coordinate some games and hook up a little 360 corner for multiplayer!
  8. I really liked Swensons.
  9. Warcraft 3 can have like 12 people playing at the same time I think. That might be fun with 3 or 4 teams. I haven't played any of the latest Red Alert or Command and Conquers. Do they have decent multi-player action? Defcon might be fun but can only have 6 players. Rune is a great hack and slash 3rd person game on the UT engine. You can literally cut someone's head off and then beat another person to death with it. It is based on Vyking ... stuff.
  10. YES! And we should try to go as early as possible. Try to get one no line ride in if that is even possible.
  11. How was he attacking you in town? Or were you at a wilderness bank? My name in game is Dannon Zebradow. I'm not really looking for a guild quite yet. Just working up the skills right now and running around with my brother a couple friends. What is your char's name and guild?
  12. Just got to play all day without any problems. I have to say it's pretty damn amazing. What did you use to macro your magic spells?
  13. Lol, the servers just came up and it was amazing for like 5 minutes. Then the servers went back down.
  14. I've been at work all day, but my brother said he got both of our accounts logged in on our computers. That was around noon though. He said he was having a blast on it. Then they started screwing with the server and now he can't get back on. Did you have any luck?
  15. TedBreakDanson - Add me for a good time!
  16. I was able to slip through and preorder over the weekend. Woohoo! Also, I am very stupid. Let me tell you why. I browse the Darkfall forums quite often, but I rarely log in - usually only to post. Well I logged in on Friday and noticed that I could see the freaking beta forums. At first I was just like "ohh they opened up the beta forums for everyone now that the NDA is lifted." Then I looked under my name on one of my posts and noticed it said I was a beta tester. I had not updated my email address on the forums and had missed my friggin' beta invitation email. laksdjflkasjdflkasdjfaldkjf I was kicking myself all day for that one. Here is a picture of me when I realized what had happened: Beta Surprise
  17. I've been able to create an account and enter billing information, but have had no success completing the actual preorder.
  18. Hahahaha, all three of those videos are great!
  19. How many actual main skills are there not counting all the ability and spell type stuff? And are there many skills like running, jumping, or climbing or anything like that? OH, and thanks for the info. I can't wait to try it!
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