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  1. wow, bioshock? I'm not seeing that from my playthrough, but then again i've put in about 6 hours now and only killed about 6 baddies. I think the MGS analogy fits the way I'm playing this game right now. LOTS of sneaking around and hacking, mostly non-lethal close quarters take downs when the situation demands it. That said, I have a really tricked out 10mm pistol that is sweeeeeeeeet! Seems like the two of us are playing the game the same way then. Sneaking around is the most fun part. I also tricked out my 10mm rather than any other gun in the game
  2. I've logged on about 20 hours into this game thus far. It's quite addictive.
  3. Peckles, I "liked" your band facebook page. Would you be so kind as to "like" my band facebook page in return? link: http://www.facebook.com/shadowofadoubtchicago
  4. I was just wondering if you guys on here wouldn't mind "liking" my band's page on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/shadowofadoubtchicago After about a year of playing shows with cover songs, we're in the process of writing original music. 4 songs are done and more on the way. We probably won't have a recorded demo until this winter, so I posted a link below to our first live performance of our first original song during a show we played last month. It was recorded with a home camcorder, so the quality isn't the best, but it gives you an idea of what we sound like. Thanks for your help! Also I'm the freakishly tall one wearing the fedora in that video if you were wondering.
  5. Lollapalooza is this Friday! I can't wait and am going to all 3 days. My friday schedule has evolved a little since my last post. Unless something changes in the next two days, these are the bands I'm seeing: ---------------------- Friday ---------------------- Wye Oak Young The Giant Foster The People Smith Westerns The Kills Black Cards A Perfect Circle Ok Go Coldplay ---------------------- Saturday ---------------------- Walk The Moon Typhoon Fitz & The Tantrums Black Lips Death From Above 1979 Big Audio Dynamite Patrick Stump Deftones Ween Cee Lo Atmosphere Eminem ---------------------- Sunday ---------------------- Gold Motel The Joy Formidable Noah & The Whale The Cars Flogging Molly Cage The Elephant Damian Marley & Nas Foo Fighters
  6. is there anything in general that does or doesn't work for you? have any plans to be downtown on the 4th? i'm traveling tomorrow (friday) - wednesday, back for about a week and a half, then only here on the weekends after july 11. would love to meet up, though. Nothing in particular comes to mind, but when you're in the city you can find pretty much anything. I may be downtown on the 28th at the Taste of Chicago (work pending). Also I will be downtown the 30th and 1st for a convention for work. I am free after about 2:30 those days. Besides that, the city is only a 40min or so drive so let me know when you have some free time!
  7. If you have some free time and wanted to meet up sometime before you leave Chicago, let me know. I haven't hung out with any GC people since FragFest 2003 I believe.
  8. When is your last day in Chicago? Sucks that they have you moving out during the best time of year for Chitown, but I'll be jealous of you when winter rolls around!
  9. If you've never seen both, go for Muse. The reason I'm choosing Coldplay is because I've seen Muse before and I know I will see them again because all my friends like them; however I know this will be my only chance to see Coldplay live because none of my friends like them haha. After looking into the bands Stutters mentioned and a few others other people mentioned, here's my new list for Friday. (Sorry stutters, but all your bands but The Kills overlap other acts I don't want to miss!) 1:00-1:45 Young The Giant 1:30-2:15 The Naked and Famous 4:00-5:00 White Lies 4:30-5:30 The Kills 5:30-6:15 Black Cards 6:00-7:15 A Perfect Circle 7:15-8:15 Ok Go 8:30-10:00Coldplay
  10. RATATAT is freaking awesome!! They are indeed, let me know if you plan to go YoMamma, I wanna try and make Lolla again this year if possible I just bought a One Day Lollapalooza ticket for Friday, Aug 5th. Let me know if you're going, Allanon. http://lineup.lollapalooza.com/events/2011/08/05/ So many good bands that day and of course the final 2 hours are stacked with the best all playing at the same time. Only five bands I plan to see at this point: Young The Giant Black Cards A Perfect Circle Ok Go Coldplay Are there any other bands on that day that you guys would recommend?
  11. Yah I agree it was odd. Just figured I would throw in everything that went down. Those kids were disrespectful. Thanks.
  12. # 247 "Infinity" STEAM_0:1:12807429 10:53 106 0 active # 248 "GalaxyRapist" STEAM_0:0:20661531 10:50 58 0 active # 250 "driv3n86" STEAM_0:0:82242 05:12 71 0 active # 246 "kolp" STEAM_0:0:7381510 24:41 79 0 active I need all 4 of these guys to be banned please. They were all FFing, swearing, team flashing, making fun of 9/11, etc. We don't need people like these playing on our servers. Ewok, sim, and koreanheat were all witnesses Thanks, Brian
  13. Thanks, yah I agree I should have cut the running time in half At 900 Views.... 100 to go!
  14. Thanks for the help so far. I'm up to 369 views now. Just over 600 more views to go!
  15. haha, thanks guys! Nightling's idea is good, but I would rather not get banned from youtube
  16. Basically, I'm addicted to collecting every hat in TF2. In order to get the most recent one, I need 1,000 views of my YouTube video. I made it 2 seconds long, so it could be viewed quickly. I'm currently around 250 views, so 750 more to go. If you guys would kindly view it a few times, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  17. Most of my questions have been answered. I guess the only thing I'm still wondering about are the dual video cards. Would 2 8800's be better than 1 9800? Also, what is the advantage for using dual video cards vs a single? Is this similar as using a dual processor to a single?
  18. Thanks for the help so far Nightling & Preacher. So this motherboard cannot run the i7, but it can run a quad core from what I understand? I guess the only questions I'm still wondering is how would this machine handle gaming. Especially some of the more recent games like Call of Duty, Crysis, 2, etc. Would I be able to play these types of games with 60fps or more? Does having 2 video cards help with this?
  19. I'm interested because I am in the market for a new PC. I was originally looking into buying new parts over the next few months, but perhaps something like this might make sense. I have a few questions though. 1.) I currently am running a single GeForce 9800GT. I noticed you have (x2) 8800Gts. Would I be able to run one of mine and one of yours? Also I've never run 2 video cards before, so do you need Windows7 or a 64bit OS to run 2? 2.) One of the main reasons I need to upgrade is due to my old processor. Single Core 3ghz. I was really interested in a quad core i7 to be honest. Would your motherboard support this? 3.) Gaming. My current computer basically is powerful enough to run TF2 well and anything made after that runs poorly or not at all. What games can your machine run (ex: recent games like Battlefield) and which can it not run? 4.) I noticed the motherboard ram limit is 8GB. What is the typical ram requirement for games these days or in the coming years? 5.) Operating System. I can supply my own hardrive, but I am currently running Windows XP. Would I need to upgrade to Windows7 in order to run a dual or quad core processor and duel video cards? If so, do you run 64bit or 32bit? Sorry for all the questions, but I have been out of the loop for computer upgrades for a while and some quick answers here might help me out on deciding to buy this machine.
  20. Pretty cool stuff. Do you DJ as well?
  21. RATATAT is freaking awesome!! They are indeed, let me know if you plan to go YoMamma, I wanna try and make Lolla again this year if possible I'll let you know if I go this year. I'm a concert fanatic, so chances are I'll end up at least at one day if not all three. The rumor for Lolla this year is Eminem, Foo Fighters, and Muse. I've seen all three of them live before, so I'm more curious to see who else will be playing.
  22. Cool. I was at Lollapalooza last year as well. I ended up seeing: Soundgarden MGMT Cypress Hill Yeasayer Mutemath Switchfoot Mumford & Sons Well I guess that was a failure on both our parts cause I had no idea you were there but it was indeed amazing. You didn't see the Strokes though? They put on such an awesome show, as well as Mumford & Sons, quickly becoming one of my new favorite bands. The Strokes played on Friday. I only went on Sunday mainly to see Soundgarden as they are one of my favorite bands and this show was their first in about 10 years. I'm guessing you had the 3 day pass. I wish I did because last year's lineup was pretty amazing on all 3 days. I don't know when tickets go on sale this year, but I'm seriously considering the 3 day pass this time around.
  23. The Power of Christ compels you!
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