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  1. Jaksiel


    What's up everyone. You know it wouldn't be the same without me there, so I'll tentatively sign up here.
  2. YES. YES YES YES YES YES. I would so own ALL of you at foosball. Now there's a game I'm good at.
  3. Jaksiel

    Hello from Fragfest!

    Well, you don't actually HAVE to buy it from the school...but if you don't, you still have to meet their system specifications and have every required piece of software installed, so at least 95% of us just buy it from the school.
  4. Jaksiel

    [VI] Rooster & Fragfest

    Only myself, Zooks, Exile, Rizad, Lazarus, Timmay! and Rooster himself truly know how many quotes there were...hahahahahaha.
  5. Jaksiel

    A big thanks

    Ah c'mon, of course I knew you were kidding. If anyone "seriously" accused me of hacking, they would need their head checked.
  6. Jaksiel

    A big thanks

    Yeah, us Team 7 guys were huge hackers...unfortunately, Team 5's hacks worked even better than ours! (I think Team 5 is who we lost to...)
  7. Jaksiel

    Hello from Fragfest!

    It's some sort of IBM ThinkPad...it's standard issue for my college, which requires a laptop and several programs installed on said laptop.
  8. Jaksiel

    What can we do better next year?

    Well... Some people, including me, did complain about it at the time, but I really think if we do Hold 'Em again, there should not be antes. The possibility of going out without seeing decent cards is far too high when you may only get 10-15 hands.
  9. I liked how there were several side events (Volleyball, Horseshoes, Hold 'em) so that FF wasn't about all gaming, all the time.
  10. Jaksiel

    Hello from Fragfest!

  11. Jaksiel

    now that is one fine avatar

    I'm seein' double!
  12. I'm not really sure what I expected him to be like, but kingtutt was a lot different from that. I was also kinda surprised by Slaphappy just because he looks exactly like a friend of mine from high school.
  13. Jaksiel

    Home Safe?

  14. Jaksiel

    Hello from Fragfest!

    The fourth picture in Sheep's post is clearly the best one!
  15. Jaksiel

    Total Attendance Prediction

    Aw man, so close!