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Everything posted by Gond

  1. Gond

    Internet Sarcasm

    You forgot to end your sarcasm...This is why everyone is calling you a sarcastic jerk;) You should fix your end tag before it gets you in trouble...LOL
  2. Gond

    Internet Sarcasm

    <s>I just read that Microsoft is going to incorporate this into their next version of Office, Outlook and Outlook Express. Of course they will be coming up with their own tags and telling the world it was their idea.</s>
  3. Gond

    Are you paranoid??

    Well put UberNewb!!!
  4. Gond

    Are you paranoid??

    I was thinking about this while watching football last night. Imagine if guys on the field would come up after getting beat on a play and say "That guy cheats...he's using steriods". LOL... I generally don't think people are hacking...if I did it would ruin the game for me. Usually once I get to where I'm even thinking someone is hacking it's time to stop playing for the night. If I start thinking nasty words after each death...it's time to stop playing for a while. Now, beyond CS...yes, I'm paranoid.
  5. Gond


    Now you understand how that poor printer feels
  6. I did listen pretty carefully and did hear some footsteps. Only thing that caught me strange was the staring at the corners. Think I'll have to go on Fat's side for now.
  7. Gond

    Look at me !

    He is in the fishes mouth. LOL Fatty!!!
  8. Gond

    Getting Frustrated

    Even compliments get old after a while. Thats a drag Moss...don't know what to tell you cept play on our server more;) Anyone there calls you a cheat and we will ban them...oh wait...nobody plays on our server so that won't be an issue...LOL Stick to playing when people you know are around...like the late nite maps Abyss usually hosts. We are all so used to you owning we don't complain anymore. Course if you really want to avoid this situation you can enroll in the "Gond school of crappy CS play" and I'll get you fixed right up. You will never be called a cheater again. 101 - Missing non-moving targets with the AWP. 102 - Dodging bullets...why bother. 103 - Throwing grenades to bounce back on yourself. 104 - Flash yourself, not just for trench coats anymore. 105 - Sneaking into the line of an AWP. As you can see, we have quite the class schedule just for people like you. And, of course, our advanced class: 200 - Rushing to your death.
  9. Gond

    Regs gettin Minumal Admin Rights

    If you start seeing problems on Mmmm server after all admins leave, check out some of the other community servers...there might be admins around in those.
  10. Gond


    I'm a dollar and cents guy...much cheaper to burn them. Course there are all the appeals.
  11. Half the time it's cause one team doesn't have a leader or nobody will follow that dude willing to lead. I remember cheering cause Fat came onto our team once (while ago) cause I knew he would lead us. We then started winning much more often.
  12. FIFK (First In First Killed). Thats my motto. I actually might own the stat of first man dead.
  13. I think everyone should play worse than me...then nobody would be thought a cheater...well, cept me and I'm willing to take on that role!!! I've pretty much decided that when I start thinking people are cheating I have played long enough and need to go watch TV or something. Most times it's cause I'm really tired and I just start getting frustrated. So, take that advice for what it's worth.
  14. Gond


    Well Barto, the fact that your able to realize this and understand what is ahead of you is a great start. Shows there are a few people growing up with some amount of morals and understanding:) Teachers are on the hotseat everytime they talk to a child (ok, thats exageration). Doctors are always in fear of the lawsuit. Why would someone want to go through all that. I think people start into teaching & other public service vocations because they genuinly want to do things for other people. Then we do them over and make it miserable for them. Can you see a future where we don't have anyone who wants to be a doctor or a teacher or a police man? Maybe then they will raise the pay for these jobs.
  15. Since the round time is set I would think that is the max a team can camp;) Being an admin newb isn't it possible to change the round time in game or does that take a server restart? mp_roundtime
  16. Gond

    Just sayin 'What's up?'

    Anyway, I've been getting on Platinum around 2-230 am the last couple of nights and found it to be, sadly, empty 2 or 2:30 in which timezone?
  17. Gond


    Your right linch. No help from parents on discipline. Course I think it's like that in quite a few homes. I get a hard time from my sister cause I'm pretty strict with my daughter. Mostly things like bedtime, mealtime, cleanup..etc. Certainly don't want to get that phone call from the school cause she is in trouble:)
  18. Gond


    I did kinda keep an eye out for the kids but also felt a bit put out like the parent who left them expected others to take care of her kids...oh well, can't make people think:) It is sad to realize you can't just let your kids go. I think I was 4 or 5 when I was able to play outside by myself. It is a different society we live in today.
  19. Gond

    Windows XP Pro or 2000

    XP home at home and Win 2k at work. Like them both. XP Home is cheaper though:)
  20. Gond


    Comments on picture... Guy on bike...insane Guy with camera...idiot
  21. Infro-x...Scout whore, AWP whore, colt whore, AK whore...he's just a whore;) LOL
  22. Gond

    video games get attention cs featured

    Darn it!!! These video games will not steal the crown of child mind warpers from D&D!!! Am I going to have to go on a mass killing spree to prove it...oh wait, I suck, my mass killing spree is 2:)
  23. Gond

    Do you own?

    I've got one...double dragon rocks...I also like all the mario games:) tetris is still a favorate.
  24. Start by reading the forums:)