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  1. I'll be there but i havent paid yet
  2. MMMM Hmmmm! Had VI over at my house the night before for beer and darts heh. They introduced me to Ale8 one. And I will be forever grateful!!! Hoping to go this year WOOOP! Might have to buy source? I never made the jump. Got into SWG then WoW. Have since quit wow and mostly play Battlefield Bad Company 2. Who I'd like to see this year: !! Kurtz Longhair Mag Fatty Mr. X DLM(Mom, THX!!, Fish, Zad, Stroop uhhh Hmm) VI(puppy, swoop?), NCC14113!!! he can drag along BDG the SMEG Killer/Chamber Windex Wilco REDEYEZZZ Man Im gonna stop there.. Getting all teary-eyed! Good times back then heh! I'll be there
  3. i will be there, and Pai mei will too
  4. yeah it just sounds wrong
  5. I am the person you want to give a beta key too.... Jedi mind trick
  6. i should have said 80-90 hr speeds
  7. thumbs up for 8-90 mph speed limits
  8. we've always been united GET OUTA MY PANTZ ALREADY!!!! Thats an impossible task!
  9. any word as to when its goin' down?
  10. I'll be playing this game and so will a bunch of people i know. when it hits Beta we should all hook up and play on the same server. and its not going to be F2P
  11. i need those pics of me taken off LOL
  12. mine i's were peeeeled butt i sawz nutting?
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