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  1. Penty

    Borderlands 2 4 pack

    ok onyxdragon you are the 4th.
  2. Penty

    Borderlands 2 4 pack

    ok that's 3 of us. I'll do the order tonight. The last licence will be available to a GC member until Sunday then I'll shop it out.
  3. Penty

    Borderlands 2 4 pack

    $40.50 each. I'll want Biggs to commit before I order. I can easily sell the last licence but I don't want to be on the hook for 2.
  4. Penty

    Borderlands 2 4 pack

    If it's a firm commitment from you both I will go ahead and order the pack tomorow. Flitter I've never actully recieved money via paypal. Does it go directly into my checking account or sitin Paypals for a bit?
  5. Anyone interested in doing a 4 pack with me? We would save $13.50 over this weekends sale price
  6. Penty

    Rusty Hearts

    I have 2 beta keys for Rusty Hearts http://rustyhearts.perfectworld.com/ Message me if you want one.
  7. Penty

    PC for SALE!

    How old is the system?
  8. Penty

    World of Tanks now in open Beta

    woo woo another convert!
  9. Penty

    World of Tanks now in open Beta

    =) Finally found one that matches the UT2K4 tank, at least in how it feels to move and fire.
  10. Go http://game.worldoftanks.com/registration/ for registration. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr0rMAjX5g0&feature=player_embedded# And here is a Tank Destroyer for your viewing pleasure.
  11. Penty

    Beat Hazard

    I need a game-pad, keyboard and mouse just isn't cutting it.
  12. Penty

    Beat Hazard

    Play the regular levels until you achieve elite rank. At that point you have a lot of starting goodies which helps a lot.
  13. Penty

    Beat Hazard

    bah only 3.3mil on my lunch break, I'll get to 3.7mil yet!