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  1. I just got this game from my brother for x-mas and have never played any of the GH series before. It's pretty cool; but really he just bought it because he doesn't have a system to play it on and now I can't get him out of my apartment (he keeps playing it).
  2. Games I have for the Wii: Wii Sports - comes with Wii; and I still get the most mileage out of it (and I have had my Wii for almost a year!). Bowling, Tennis, and even Baseball are pretty awesome. I could still play this all day if I wanted to. Warioware: Smooth Moves - big meh; it's not as much of a good party game as I had hoped, haven't touched it in months. Zelda: Twilight Princess - Decent game, but there is just something that turns me off to their massive temples and roaming around for hours trying to figure out where to go next (argh desert temple). Super Mario Galaxy - Awesome game, a bit disorienting at times because of the spherical surfaces; took me about 2 weeks to beat playing about an hour a day. Ghost Squad - Adaptation of arcade game, only cost $30, rail shooter, takes about 30 minutes to beat. It's alright but it's reaaaly easy and very short. Wii Zapper/Link's Crossbow training - Just got it last night, game it's packaged with is pretty boring so far. I played it for about 10 minutes and haven't had the urge to pick it up yet again, but maybe it will be alright. The zapper feels a little clunky; it's too big to handle as a pistol but almost too small to feel like an MP5 type weapon. Anybody know of some good upcoming games?
  3. THU, NOV 29 Green Bay at Dallas - Homer pick SUN, DEC 2 San Diego at Kansas City Houston at Tennessee Jacksonville at Indianapolis Buffalo at Washington San Francisco at Carolina Detroit at Minnesota NY Jets at Miami Atlanta at St. Louis Seattle at Philadelphia Cleveland at Arizona Denver at Oakland NY Giants at Chicago Tampa Bay at New Orleans Cincinnati at Pittsburgh MON, DEC 3 New England at Baltimore
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdD54rG9oQA
  5. lol I missed the thursday games...so here is the rest of my picks: Seattle at St. Louis Minnesota at NY Giants Buffalo at Jacksonville New Orleans at Carolina Washington at Tampa Bay Houston at Cleveland Tennessee at Cincinnati Oakland at Kansas City San Francisco at Arizona Baltimore at San Diego Denver at Chicago Philadelphia at New England New England is favored by over 20 points. Just wow. Miami at Pittsburgh
  6. Last week: me - 6-8 mossad - 7-7 (Beats me despite having crazy picks, gj man! I guess you know something about football that I do not!) This week: San Diego Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars San Diego has some amazing playmakers (look at the INT's from last weeks game), but Norv Turner is the worst coach in the league. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons Joey Harrington. Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys I HATE THE COWBOYS. New York Giants at Detroit Lions East coast bias would like to tell you otherwise... St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers Rams follow up first win with another win against a pathetic team. Chicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks Seahawks are over-rated. Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Jets Steelers in a blowout. Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings Queens take frustrations out on Raiders, still have Chester Taylor after AP who is a good back. New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans No idea. New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills I hope NE loses here so we can stop hearing all of this 16-0 talk. Miami Dolphins at Philadelphia Eagles Miami is terrible, and on the road. Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts An injured Colts team will take out their frustrations on the Chiefs. Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Baltimore lost to Cincinnati, who I refuse to pick after they betrayed me for picking them the first half of the season, so I will pick against them as well. Carolina Panthers at Green Bay Packers This completes my picking of all the teams in the NFC north. GO PACKERS!!! Arizona Cardinals at Cincinnati Bengals I refuse to pick Cincinnati for the rest of the season. Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos I know nothing about the Titans but they do have a better record. And if there is anybody out there who hasn't made selections yet, today is a great day to start! Let's keep these threads alive! EDIT: this week's template San Diego Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys New York Giants at Detroit Lions St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers Chicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Jets Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins at Philadelphia Eagles Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Carolina Panthers at Green Bay Packers Arizona Cardinals at Cincinnati Bengals Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos
  7. Sorry Mossad, I probably won't be around to make my picks as I am leaving for the weekend, so I started the thread for you. My picks: Indianapolis Colts at San Diego Chargers Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens St. Louis Rams at New Orleans Saints Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans MNF San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks
  8. Denver at Detroit San Francisco at Atlanta Cincinnati at Buffalo Carolina at Tennessee Green Bay at Kansas City San Diego at Minnesota Jacksonville at New Orleans Washington at NY Jets Arizona at Tampa Bay Seattle at Cleveland New England at Indianapolis Houston at Oakland Dallas at Philadelphia MNF Baltimore at Pittsburgh New England is going to shoot me in the foot but I wanted to pick against the favorite in this game.
  9. I would seriously delete anything relating to this post admitting any sort of guilt; one of the first thing your lawyer advises you of is to not talk about the situation with anybody until this is resolved. I am going through a similar situation for an accident which happened almost 4 years ago. You should be alright if you have insurance (your car insurance company is legally obligated to defend you in these types of situations) and the accident, even if caused in part by you, may not be 100% your responsibility depending on what circumstances it was caused under. Your lawyer cannot "tell" you how to plea, but they can answer questions about what financial responsibilities may be contestable under the law and assist you. You will most likely be asked what percentage of the damages were caused by you; if you think that it may be less than 100% and will be personally responsible for the funds, you may want to state what other factors contributed to the crash rather than admitting to the responsibility for the entire accident.
  10. 9-4 going into MNF. Lot's of people with 9-4 so far
  11. Baltimore at Buffalo - Buffalo has been decimated by injuries. New England at Miami - This screams trap game just like last year, but Miami is terrible Atlanta at New Orleans - New Orleans was too good to start 0-4 and should be playing with a chip on it's shoulder. San Francisco at NY Giants - Giants have been playing well since getting blown out in their first two games and have another vanilla opponent at home. Arizona at Washington - Arizona will be playing Tim Rattay against a scary defense...Washington may blow them out. Tennessee at Houston - Even if VY doesn't play, Kerry Collins should do ok in his stead. Tampa Bay at Detroit - Jeff Garcia will defeat Jon Kitna in the QB has-beens bowl (behind the play of the defense). Kansas City at Oakland - Kansas City is looking good; Culpepper is not. NY Jets at Cincinnati - I keep picking Cincinnati but know nothing about them this year, except they have a poor record. Minnesota at Dallas - I really think Minnesota is under-rated; they will continue to improve with All-Day's development. Chicago at Philadelphia - Eagles are underrated and have an elite running back in Westbrook. Chicago is having problems stopping the run. St. Louis at Seattle - St. Louis stinks Pittsburgh at Denver - Denver is two questionable field goals away from 0-5; they will lose to a solid Pittsburgh team Indianapolis at Jacksonville - upset special! Last week - 10-3!! Current overall record - 25-16 (61.0%) Edited to reflect current overall record.
  12. Nobody would ever mistake me for a hacker....hah!
  13. I almost picked the Falcons as I agree the Giants are over-rated but then I remembered what they did to Mcnabb; sacking him 12 times. Joey is a statue in the pocket and is a mess under pressure. If the Giants can generate a steady pass rush then they have this game in the bag.
  14. w00t! 7-1 after early games! Let's see how the rest of my picks fare...
  15. Minnesota at Chicago Lowest-scoring game of the week. Miami at Cleveland I don't know much about these teams, going with home team. Washington at Green Bay Fired-up Packers, fueled by the anger from last week's heartbreaking loss, blow out the Skins this week. Cincinnati at Kansas City Ocho cinco! Tennessee at Tampa Bay Vince Young is over-rated. St. Louis at Baltimore St. Louis will struggle mightily here, they may be the worst team in football; if I had a lock of the week this would be it. Houston at Jacksonville ? Philadelphia at NY Jets Gut instinct, no reason really. Carolina at Arizona No Delhomme, no win. Oakland at San Diego San Diego is fired-up after last weeks win, looks to return to last season's form. New England at Dallas I can't stand the Patriots, but I can't see how anybody can pick against them at this point; they're too good. New Orleans at Seattle It would be great to have last year's feel-good story pick up a win here, but I don't see it happening. NY Giants at Atlanta Giants are over-rated after getting blown out in their first two games of the season, but their defense will feast on Joey Harrington, who is awful under pressure.
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