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  1. Warfare Keymaps. Print these out at 400% and use them as wallpaper FTW! Warfare Keymaps (mirrored on my server) For those that don't know, these are maps of each warfare map with the location of all weapons, vehics, powerups, superweaps, etc. Courtesy of KRT by way of BU.
  2. G92 GTS's are out. Cheapest is $360. So thats about $100 between cheapest G92 GTS & the GT. Newegg Stock of G92 GTS & GT (Newegg goofed and classified some of the newer G92 GTS's as regular GTS in the advanced search but all are listed in this link)
  3. Weighing in at 234MB... (my mirror; will be up for a day or so) http://download.beyondunreal.com/fileworks.../ut3/patch1.exe I've been running this for the past few days and extremely happy with it. Really is a great improvement. Keep in mind most in-game improvements are server-side so you won't see them until our server is patched or you play on a patched server. This patch is the same as patch 1 beta 4 just official. Some Notes: You may find your graphics settings changed after installing patch. So double check before complaining about fps. If you really hacked your ini files, then you may have to redo those changed. If your mouse feels off, then check the new mouse sensitivity setting. 2500 default.
  4. Whoa? Really? The more I play the more I like it.
  5. Beta 2 of Patch 1 was pulled b/c it borked dedicated servers (including ours for a bit). These patches aren't publicly available so don't ask for them. Either way I wouldn't install until offical patch is available if you value system stability. I just want to keep you guys up to date with where they are. Here is the list of changes for Beta 3 of Patch 1. This list includes all beta 1 and beta 2 fixes.
  6. The card should be out next week. NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS 512MB G92 Tested. Performance wise the 8800GTS 512MB & 8800GT 512MB are really close. For me the edge is to the 8800GTS for less noise & better thermals because it is a dual slot card. The 8800GTS 512MB was slated to sell for $50 - $100 more than 8800GT's suggested retail price. However, the 8800GT is still selling from about $50-$100 more than it "should". If the 8800GTS 512MB drops with enough supply to not cause the price to ramp up then it looks like the definite choice. But that all depends on if the suggested price stays the same. If considering an ATI 3870, you may want to look at the 8800GT 256MB. It keeps up with the 3870 in most benchmarks with rez's upto 1280 and it should come in cheaper than the $250 3870. BTW, all you high resolution guys (30" lcds and up) may want to take a look at the Asus 8800GT 1GB.
  7. I noticed it at 1:40PM when I tried to finish my single player campaign after lunch. After looking around, the first report of outage was around 1:30PM. Worrisome that some dedicated servers with the patch installed crashed when Gamespy went down. I am guessing this was during a map switch or something. Doesn't make since to crash otherwise.
  8. So what happens when you partner your game with Gamespy. You rely on them to handle all of your account management and your server browser. So guess what happens when gamespy server goes down... PEOPLE CAN'T PLAY YOUR GAME!!! Since you can't login, you can't join an online game. You can't even go to your history (beta patch) and pick a server to play on when the server browser goes down. Stupidest decision ever. Let's put the most critical part of accessing our game online in the hands of another company that has proven unrealiable in the past. <rant over> Downtime today was only 30mins but...
  9. Using UT2k4 requirements, here is the math... Suggested Netspeed = 10000 bytes Suggested Tick Rate = 30 10000 / 30 = 333 bytes per tick which should be fine 10000 * 10 players = 100,000 bytes = 100 KB * 8 bits/byte = 800 kb/sec (bandwidth needed) 10000 * 16 players = 160,000 bytes = 160 KB * 8 bits/byte = 1280 kb/sec (bandwidth needed) Since you have an async connect, your connection will most likely slow to a crawl as your upload bandwidth is all used up. Also redirect isn't working correct atm, so custom maps/mutators all have to be downloaded at 10KB/sec.
  10. work, work, work, sleep, rinse & repeat... The official patch is gonna do wonders. Here are my impressions of the beta patch: - Mouse sens, fov, & framerate smoothing is available from settings. - History tab on server browser helps you find your favorite servers. Still not the best solution but works. - Reducing bot message frequencies is very welcome. Almost information overload sometimes when playing with bots. - Faster server browser. The font size may actually be a touch too small or I need a new prescription. - The UI is faster. They also got rid of the annoying inbetween menus (reduced clicks). - No UI slowdown inbetween rounds since they don't render the world in the background anymore. Really helps weaker systems. - Weapon death messages help. Basically says "killed by noob (Flak Cannon)". - Your custom character is kept when switching teams. Switching to balance teams would switch me to demo char instead of my droid with cool voice. BTW, if you think about installing the beta patch keep in mind it is a BETA. If you have really changed your ini's a lot, the patch might bail on ya. So you may need to uninstall/reinstall UT3 and then apply patch. Or just wait for final version of 1st patch.
  11. Looks like UT3 Patch (beta 2) will become the 1st official patch release. BTW, no webadmin until 2nd official patch. Here are the changes between beta 1 and beta 2:
  12. Only way I've found is to feign death to drop the orb. Not the best solution b/c it leaves you vulnerable.
  13. Fedex just dropped off my copy. Probably try and fire it up tonight after family goes back to hotel. My gogamer free UT3 t-shirt is cool. Cannon, you can transport between nodes. The teleporters are looking glass mirror type things that are off to the side of most nodes.
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