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  1. VooDooPC


    Shooooot. I missed this by a lot!
  2. VooDooPC

    Anyone from back in the day still here?

    I enjoy embarrassing myself as well.
  3. They moved their dates around and added a couple more things. Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, Watch_Dogs, and World in Conflict Complete Edition are free from December 18th to the 23rd. https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/event/happy-playdays-2017/#freegame
  4. VooDooPC


    I'll be there! Three maps to warm up, one map to do 1/2 bad, then all down hill until I log off!
  5. VooDooPC

    JULY 1ST Saturday Night Customs !(Reunion)!

    Jeez, rub having a life in everyone else's face why don't you??
  6. VooDooPC

    JULY 1ST Saturday Night Customs !(Reunion)!

    I learned a lot about this game tonight. Sorry teammates!
  7. VooDooPC

    JULY 1ST Saturday Night Customs !(Reunion)!

    9 EST? I'll be there!
  8. VooDooPC

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    I'm guessing with a different developer they might have had access to that stuff, but didn't know what to do with it. It's like giving Beethoven's sheet music to a monkey and expecting a glorious symphony. I just don't think this new team had what it took to make a great Mass Effect game. The team should have been making B-Tier games like Mars: War Logs, not working on a multimillion dollar franchise like Mass Effect.
  9. VooDooPC

    This is hard for me

    Speaking from first hand experience, you're a good person. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I learned a lot from you, believe it or not. And I realized a lot of things afterwards that I wish knew sooner. But realizing those things, even later, has made me a better person for it. So, thank you. Best of luck. I hope your journey takes you where you need to go to feel better about yourself and your life.
  10. VooDooPC

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    More like Mess Effect, amirite? But seriously, I finished it and thought it was okay. It was the worst game of the franchise, but the franchise has a pretty high bar of quality (regardless of how you felt about the Mass Effect 3 ending stuff). I'd say the game was average. Nothing really blew me away.
  11. VooDooPC

    Madam Bubblesfly

    Damn, I bet she has a sick vap rig. :vap:
  12. VooDooPC

    Anyone from back in the day still here?

    You people are old.
  13. VooDooPC

    FFO 2014 Gallery

    I didn't know xt had so many hunks.
  14. VooDooPC

    Neotokyo - Free Source Mod Now on Steam

    A bunch of us CS folk played it when the mod came out. I wonder how much it has changed since then.