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  1. Decoy

    !!!!!!Ban requests!!!!!!

    tree fiddy wild nidoran playing on right now at 1:43am on the pub server. N**** and f*** everywhere. It's hard to play with all the swearing
  2. Decoy

    Hello my old friends!

    Yessir. I've been here since 2003... but I haven't been around for awhile... Life happened. I've kept in touch with Preacher and a few others throughout the years. Hope to see you in game!
  3. Decoy

    Hello my old friends!

    Good Evening/Night to you all! I just wanted to say hello to all of my wonderful old friends from GC. After a very very very very very long hiatus from gaming.... I am back. And I hope to see you all on the playing field!
  4. Decoy

    Lex Luther vs. Maximum Carnage

    Monday 9pm EST. Can you make it? Yes or no. Very blunt. Lots of problems with the past two teams not showing up.
  5. Decoy

    Green Goblin?

    So then... 11pm tonight?
  6. Decoy

    Green Goblin?

    m2.. is my pm not good enough for ya? 11pm is kinda late... we'll have to see what's said by the team.
  7. Decoy

    The ups and downs of being a captain

    Kind of hard to do any of that in a dorm room.
  8. Hello all. This is Decoy, captain for the Lex Luther team. We're chugging along nicely, eagerly anticipating tonight's match. I can't wait to see how we do. As many of you are starting to notice, or will soon be noticing, being a captain takes up a lot of time. And, it's not just being a captain. Being a member of this takes up a lot of time, too! But, after a practice or two, you start to feel okay. You start to think that, yes, this team is all that it's cracked up to be. Then you play a match, and you really get a feel for your team. That's how you're going to perform. It's a good feeling. So another week goes by, and it's more or less the same... Hard to get ahold of everyone at once. It seems harder to get in contact with your opposing team... You slack off.. Your team loses track of you and thinks you're hibernating in some cave(thanks vovik). But, you're still there to be with the team. You still know what's going on, and even if you get to the position I'm in, you're still behind the main lines getting a match stuck together. With all that said and done, you don't expect the following to happen to you. On a match night, you already have your schedule cleared. This is the night we're having a match. Nothing else can interfere, because a forfeit is not worth it. You already know that two of your members can't make it, so you're down one person. Easy to find a ringer somewhere. So, about 3 or 4 hours before the match, you're talking to a few people. You turn around to see something, or to say something, and then when you turn back around to face your screen, you knock over your bottle of water that just happens to spill all over your laptop, completely ruining it. And so you frantically wipe it off and turn it off and dry it off hoping that it will work. And, you turn it back on to find out it doesn't. You get nervous and think time will tell how it's going to be. So you turn it on 30 minutes before the match and realize that it's not working. You realize that the laptop you bought on June 25th, 2005, with a 1 year warranty for a grand total of $3400, will not be replaced because water is under the abuse category. So, you're out a computer and out of a match. And thus so ends my post.
  9. Decoy

    Goodbye! GG GC

    So.. I just saw this thread right now... I have one thing to say.. Fatty, you've been demoted to the rank of toilet cleaner in our team.
  10. Decoy

    GG Lex Luther!

    Good work team. Sorry my computer couldn't handle it. I enjoyed the 8 or so rounds I played. Anndddddd A huge thanks to Allanon for stepping in for me.
  11. Decoy

    Lex Luther vs Joker

    I sent you an email about tuesday/wednesday.
  12. Decoy

    MCC VIII predictions?

    Wayfarer, did you make me captain just to mess with me all season long?> because seriously, you shouldnt do that.
  13. Decoy

    Week One Predictions

    The hulk vs Apocalypse Punisher vs Superman Wolverine vs Blade Lex Luthor vs Joker Magneto vs Green Goblin Maximum Carnage vs Diablo And that's that.
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  15. Decoy

    Funny screenies

    Hopefully that works.