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  1. ((Shockwave))

    R.I.P. Wayfarer aka Paul Kostuik

    I just received an e-mail about this and having not been active in the community server wise over the last few years I had to come on and at least leave my thoughts. I enjoyed playing CS:S with him and wish his family the best. RIP Wayfarer.
  2. ((Shockwave))

    Match Thread!

    Okay Nightling is on for tonight... Any other GC member wish to join him?
  3. ((Shockwave))

    Match Thread!

    How about tonight? Poke is on, as am I. We'll have our 3rd and 4th in a little while. Shoot him or I a message on steam.
  4. ((Shockwave))

    Match Thread!

    This thread is relevant to my interest.
  5. ((Shockwave))

    Amazing Conversation on your site

    you can reach me at: donotreply@forumspambot.com or at 1-555-555-5555
  6. ((Shockwave))

    source updates

    I claimed the dualie title long before you
  7. ((Shockwave))

    Garry's Mod 10 Work

    I was messing around in multiplayer today and made a fully controllable car with spinning propeller on top. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v369/CUa...nstruct0008.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v369/CUa...nstruct0009.jpg Controls: KP_8 forward KP_2 reverse KP_4 left KP_6 right KP_+ Propeller Spin Nobody wanted to race me cause they couldn't get their cars to control as good as mine XD. EDIT: More pics: Test drive Getting ready for the ramp The fire is lit Jump 1 Jump 2 In the fire action shot Major air Through the flaming arc of DOOM What the? !!!!!! Helicopter angle First person view
  8. ((Shockwave))


    considering I've gotten some really great stuff from the woot-off it is indeed awesome
  9. STEAM ID: 0:1:3500904 I was operating under a alias .:kikuzolo:. uber leet and when I was switching through guns/nades let an HE off at spawn accidently. =X Needless to say I was kicked and banned right away without being able to explain myself (which partially I don't blame because of TK'ers I've seen before).
  10. ((Shockwave))

    Interesting purchase from woot.com

    it's already there, those are pictures we took of it. We changed the batteries in the camera 2 weeks or more ago that's why the time stamp is like that. As you can see, my gaming computer made a cameo appearance in the second shot, and yes I did play HL2 on it. XD
  11. ((Shockwave))

    Interesting purchase from woot.com

    Well, they shipped out 1 TV exactly a year ago, and 3 TVs this time around. Same model and make
  12. ((Shockwave))

    Interesting purchase from woot.com

    yes... yes I did...
  13. ((Shockwave))

    Interesting purchase from woot.com

    Well, I'm unaware if you guys know about a dot com site called woot.com but I'll give you a quick run down. They are a site that sells electronics and computer parts at cheaper prices than you can find anywhere else. There is a catch however, there is only 1 item per day (unless there is a woot-off; where they sell lots of items one after another for two days straight). There just so happened to be a woot-off recently and being an avid follower, I did lose a lot of sleep over watching for good items. I ended up scoring an adaptec gamebridge (pretty cool product) but for my 7th item in my woot career, I had bought the coveted Bag of Crap. The bag of crap is pretty much a grab bag, you are not smart if you only buy a quantity of 1 or 2 when this item comes up. When you buy a quantity of 3 you end up getting your moneys worth, but anyways, to make a long story short I bought 3. Well the box came and I opened it up and I saw a note on the top of the pile of stuff. "Your 3rd pc. of crap could not fit in this box, sorry". After calling woot shipping about shipping concerns as I live on campus (I have no tracking number for my 3rd item so I have no idea when it will be here or who will be able to sign for the package in the mail room) I found on the forums that the person who last got that exact note over a year ago received a 61" DLP TV. There is one problem though. Another person got a note as well, except his looked nothing like mine. On top of this fact, the community also remembered that woot.com had bought Ken Jennings' Giant Head. So speculation is that one of us gets the giant head and the other something else. In either event it has been the best $8 I have ever spent. I can't wait to see my 3rd crap. It's customary to post pictures of your BoC so here is my post from the woot forums: The $1 3rd crap: Unloaded: Action Shot: (little sister took this one.. lol) Time stamp wasn't changed.. oh well. XD
  14. ((Shockwave))

    Steam Update

    Yeah I was just about to post this as well. I think it's rubbish. I don't care about the radar, I don't care about HDR. I want other bugs fixed. This has nothing to do with core Counter-Strike gameplay as with half the people don't even seem to use radar anyways. (new players + ff = ftl) Why are they changing CS gameplay like this? The whole point of CS is that you're supposed to talk as a team, not let your crosshairs do the talking. It sounds like they wanna turn this into some Battlefield Map clone. Next thing you know the map layout will be on the radar as well. [/rant]
  15. ((Shockwave))

    GO GO ZAN!!!

    inspeaking of which, the sevrer had a mad lagout about 13 hours in.. Pings shot up to 300 and dead bodies were flashing everywhere. Thought it was gonna die there =P. We also had 2 major lag spikes where pings went up to 220 with some lag between 11-14. You might wanna talk to the provider fatty =P