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Found 2 results

  1. I have been trying to workout but since I broke my radius bone in Nov. I have to limit the amount of weight on any upperbody exercise that puts pressure on my wrist, since its attached by a plate. I used to be able to do 80 pushups no problem. Now I can do maybe 25 inclined. I need advice on how I can get toned without injuring myself again. Ive been doing crunches, trying to 50-100 per days with 1-2 off per week. Anyone else have suggestions. Please dont judge my body just need help, on what to focus on. And its hard to me to get to a gym (only weekends). I try to ride my bike whenever I can. My health is really important but that injury really messed up my workout regimen. and this was before accident Thanks. Also should I invest in this :
  2. ASK FOR POINTS EFFICIENTLY The problem: 1.) Asking for points in mic instead of typing it out. 2.) Not asking for points at all while incapped. If you are incapped, asking on the mic "I need x points" is detrimental to your team. The reason for this is because your team is trying to ward off special infected. So for them to find out who needed points and type it out manually is going to hurt the whole team. While they are doing that, they can get high pounced or get themselves incapped. The solution: Ask for points by typing it out (and mic if possible). A lot of people have their !sp binded, so all they have to do is click the bind for you to get points. (binds) P.S. Small rant: If you have a substantial amount of hours (10,000+) played on this server, and still ask for points on mic instead of chat or not at all, you need to really implement the solution to this problem. --- DO NOT RESPAWN/DEFIB WHEN TANK PRESENT The problem: Defibbing someone or respawning while tank are present. This problem can lead to the whole team losing. Tanks can conveniently kill the newly respawned unit, giving the tank a boost to his or her heal, thus prolonging its duration alive. The solution: Don't respawn/defib when tank is present. Wait till after the tank dies, and if the tank doesn't die: cut your losses or look at the points below: You can defib/respawn to make a run for if you meet these requirements: You aren't close the tank. Almost all your team is incapped/dead. You are the farthest forward that died. You are a main. --- HELP YOUR BEST PLAYERS The problem: Buying smoker limit when tank unannounce is vital. If you have a player in your team that's very experienced and has 40+ points, they will likely ask for unannounce. Be that team player and buy unannounce, especially if you have below 20 points. If they don't ask for unannounce, buy it anyways. Tank unannounce is extremely helpful such that the other team has no idea about the arrival of a tank. It will take them longer for them to take cover, making them susceptible to hittables. The solution: Buy unannounce. And just try your best to be a good team mate by helping out experienced players. --- SCRAMBLING The problem: Asking for scramble unreasonably. Look. Sometimes you and I are going to lose and take a beating. Nothing you can do about that. If it's 10 vs 10 and the scores aren't noticably bad, then don't ask for scramble. Work with your team to strategize charges + spits, tank unannounce, etc. There is a chance that the scramble can make things worse; ppm doesn't neccasarily equate to skills. The solution: Tough love. Don't be perfectionists that have to win every game. --- USE SOUND TO YOUR ADVANTAGE The problem: Someone's being hunted behind you. You're oblivious. The top tier players of this server utilize one thing: audio. In my opinion, in-game audio is more powerful than sight. You can literally hear a smoker spawn next to you, or a hunter about to pounce you. I remember when I was new, I used to accuse people of hacking or aimbotting. When in reality, they just used their audio in a decent manner. Using only sight is very limited. Computer speakers are not useful either. Buy headphones. I guarantee if you take care of this problem, your gameplay will be better by a tenfold. The solution: Play with headphones so you can anticipate special infected. Games like Left 4 Dead 2 and CS:GO are reliant on sound. Your best bet is to get used to it. --- DON'T TAKE OTHERS' FIREWORKS The problem: You're stealing someones hard earned points. If it is an accident, do your bid: say sorry and give that players points (4) back if you know who it is. Even though you may find it trivial, "oh its just fireworks", but some people care about their gameplay performance. Especially now that fireworks has limits. The solution: Don't take others' fireworks. It's not yours. If it was an accident, say you're sorry and give points back if possible. --- DON'T HEAL IN THE OPEN The problem: Healing in the open; prone to hunter pounces. The solution: Don't. --- You are free to not practice any tips I aforementioned. These are just some tips I play by, and it is by no means an exhaustive list. So please feel free to add onto this list of tips if you think something may be helpful. thanks
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