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Found 55 results

  1. Can't overly complain. I didn't think I'd win this matchup regardless. Made the right moves though. Curated defenses a week or two before the playoffs for good matchups - that would be the 22 point Baltimore - my receivers were solid and that's saying something. Both Lacy and Bell did as expected. So where did I lose? Odell for Boilers drops 30. Aaron Rodgers goes for 8. And I lose by 20. Ah well... If I was playing any of the other two fart knockers I would be in the championship round, what with their massive output of 97 and 84 points. Not to be.
  2. Woot, both my GC teams won! And someone let me pick up Odell Beckham in one league.... Fun fun fun!
  3. Well then, no one got a bajillion points this week. That certainly is a change from the norm. Rodgers, Lacy and Bell all went off this week. That's 70 points. Good for me as my TE went out in the first quarter, kicker and def just hit their projected, and my wides, as usual, putting up a collective 14.4 points. That's a killer 4.8 points per wide. Yeah. Also helped that Smokey didn't fill in an RB or a kicker this week. He'd get 9 back with his benched kicker and let's spot him 10 for the rb but he still would have lost as Brady had an off week for QB work. Also, it took 3/4 of the season, but the points for and against columns now approximately match the league standings. Three to go til the playoffs.
  4. At least get some points there...
  5. Another week, another Boilers 130+ point outing, another week of horrible WR points for Fk. Did you notice Boilers winning the waiver wire race for Adrian Peterson? That happened. Green Bay was on a bye this week so no Aaron Rodgers or Lacy for me. No problemo, swap in Ryan Tannehill for QB and net me the fourth highest QB total this week. Naturally Luck for Boilers had two more points... RB? McKinnon from Minny in for Lacy? That just means Asiata steals three TDs lols. My wides? 24.7 Boilers? 51.1 Drop Miami Def for Cincy chasing those tasty JAX points? Sure, Miami is facing the Chargers after all. That'll be a shoot out for sure. Right. So it goes...
  6. Well then. Only two teams actually beat their projected average this week. Lots of red was on the board yesterday. I missed by a point. As usual with Rodgers, big lead - gets pulled. Our match came down to Monday nite and my 16 point lead + LeVeon Bell's projected 10 points vs. a certain Texans RB who went off for mid/upper 20's the last two weeks. Interesting math that. And then those last few minutes of the first half happened, Bell got his second (!) TD of the *year* and that was that. Enjoying my wins while I can.
  7. Welcome to the land of 4 and 2! It was brutal watching Cincinnati following up last weeks -1 defense with a -3 this week. Especially when your opponent picks up 15. Came down to a painful Monday Night of watching Quick (STL WR) get a single catch while Ditka hoped and prayed for a feast of San Francisco field goals. That and for St Louis to not have a 3-headed running back committee. I've survived so far against the lowest point total against for the league but something needs to shake out. Why did I draft Lacy so high? During the preseason they were actually practicing and in preseason games throwing screens to Lacy. Screens that worked. Well. If GB has used screens this year no one has noticed and people in GB are grumbling. If they are keeping that in the playbook for later in the year or the playoffs it's a damned puzzling decision.
  8. turnbullTeRRoR

    So far so good

    20-10 combined record
  9. Sorry Flitter! If it is any consolation, they are my defense for another team I have and cost me the game there...
  10. So it turns out I'm still undefeated...but for how long?! Tirtul is only 1 loss behind...and he could be in 1st if he beats me next week. So far the first quarter of the season turned out sort of awkward...with all the injuries and domestic violence issues with 2 major RBs.
  11. Flitterkill

    50 - 50

    So with Witten and Dallas looking more and more like not a good match anymore I went shopping for tight ends yesterday afternoon. I'm good with my choice, seems ascendant but was a little tough watching last night's game knowing the guy on the screen was my other choice... I'm sure TBT is pretty happy though
  12. Given my team's performance I'll take 2-1 all day long. Underperformer vs. Underperrformer this week and I win! Still, Rodgers, Lacy, Witten plus my stable of WR2's leaves me vulnerable as hell. The only consistent performers I have are Dan Bailey (K), and the Cinci DEF. Oh, and Russel Wilson on the bench pulling just shy of 20 all three weeks. But the matchup this week was that ATL-TB game. TBT had 3 ATL players and the TB def rolling but check out how crazy fantasy is. Julio Jones blew away his point total but outside of that... Matt Ryan? 56-14 win? Just nipped into the low 20's with only three td's. Steven Jackson beat his 10.4 projection by a single point. And the insanity? Your defense let's fly 56 points against? Should be negative bazillion points right? They got 11 on the back of that late interception run back and a couple fumble recoveries. The negative points applied stops once you hit 35 against. Yes, the TB def *exceeded* their projection. EDIT: Lol, look at my points against total through 3 games. My team better get it going soon...
  13. Let's roll with 2 WR instead of 3 and add a WR/RB/TE flex spot. NE Pats Dobson has gone in the span of 24 hours from a "yeah stash him he'll be ascendant later" to "Bellicheck healthy scratch, so drop him forevars..." And naturally, Boilers might want to have some flexibility with that whole AP thing leaning towards not playing this year again...
  14. Still early in the year but dear god was there fantasy doom going around this weekend. Condolences to everyone who got screwed (Ryan Matthews helped keep me afloat the last half of fantasy last year and now he's gone for 5 weeks - sry tbt) I avoided the injury bug but my wide stock, already populated with just 2's and 3's given my penchant for RBs this year, saw two of my three go off for - wait for it - 1.9 points. Marquis Colston, not even targeted once. 110 and a touch last week to not targeted...yeah. This win brought to you by Crabtree (14.20), Dallas Kicker Bailey (19.00) and Aaron Rodgers (28.64) with an assist from my opponent's team with the San Fran defense (2.0) and a wasted Demarco Murray performance (21.30). Special mention to everyone else who under performed for Smokey's Bandits. Nothing from Witten this year and Lacy has at least one more week of rough sledding and then...maybe I can smile.
  15. And let's never speak of it again. 5 more yards Mr. Floyd. That's all I needed to steal a win.
  16. Check your email boxes for invitations if you were in the league last year again this was league #2 Also btw I hit keepers by accident/ I was peddling this at the same time as my work league. Don't worry we are not doing keepers I'll take care of that if you even notice it.
  17. ESPN RANKINGS QB - RB - WR - TE - DEFST SI MMQB RANKINGS QB - RB - WR - TE I look pretty alright by those rankings. Still weak in WR though. ESPN QB 2 and 10 RB 6, 8, 10, 31 (If we had a flex slot Pierre Thomas would live there forever) WR 20, 22, 29, 40, 63 (Riley Cooper and Dobson - Eagles and Pats respectively - are upside picks) TE 5, 19 DEFST 5 SI MMQB QB 2 and 15 RB 4, 10, 13, 40 WR 12, 17, 31, 43, 59 TE 5, 14
  18. Well, the Deuce at least - 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern, 5 Central. How's one shaping up? We still have 12 in the Deuce and I'd still love to see it at 10 but that's just me being selfish wanting at least some meat on the waiver wires this year
  19. So....sorry Tirtul but that was a crazy Monday night huh? For a while I thought you were going to beat me, but Seattle just destroyed any hope for the Saints...and you lol. Hey guess what....IT'S PLAYOFF TIME!
  20. Hot dog I got 6 fantasy football teams and over the last 3 weeks I'm 16-2 . My only loss this week was in the league I need to win the most though. That being the GC#1 league That loss could have sealed the deal for me. btw Panthers rolling L
  21. All I have to say is Stat corrections better give me a chance to beat "Twice lucky". I'm tired of all these ultra close games! How did everyone else do so far?
  22. Strange that *five* teams took kickers in Round Nine. Earliest defense was Round Six - Chicago. Of course these mean about as much as the real NFL draft grades... Link for league members or perhaps everyone: http://football.fant...484/draftrecaps Based on projected points, Mass Forfeit Unit takes first, I take second.
  23. Thought I would start up a thread for people to initiate trade discussion. Obviously negotiations should take place in PMs, but the thread could be used as a trade block announcement type thing. I'll start it off: Possibly interested in trading my WR depth for RB help. This is applicable in both leagues. Let me know if interested.