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  1. A tie, with spots on it already!!!
  2. The devious mind of Mercman has concocted an interesting, but very difficult to win, contest. Also known as the Nut Stomping event... the person who kills me the most (when I am a survivor), during the period of 4/10/15 Noon time (EST) through 5/10/15 11:59pm (EST), will win a year membership or renewal. This is open to all (including admins). Contest Rules: 1) You must get the kill. If I die by common infected, while you are attacking me, it will not count. You should receive the achievement "STOMPIN SOME NUTS!". 2) I will keep track of my deaths (if any) and post them in this forum post. You will be able to see who is in the lead. 3) Tie Breaker: if two or more people are tied at the end of the contest, it will be extended, but only for the ones tied and it will end after the first death (sudden death OT!) 4) If, after the time runs out, I have not been killed by anyone (a likely scenario, since I am so good), then it will go in to Sudden Death OT mode, but everyone will be eligible to win it. 5) All deaths count, if I am defibbed and killed again, if the teams are not full, if we are in customs, admins vs members, other team is "stacked", etc. Everything counts. 6) Normal server rules and GC rules always apply. 7) Winner will get a free gift membership, or if already a member will get a renewal paid for. An admin will get a full admin renewal paid for. 8) Only L4D2 game kills are applicable and only on our two servers Any questions, comments, insults, ridiculous dreams of killing me, please feel free to post them in here. I will try to remember to post in here when I play, so you might want to follow this topic. Updated Kill Totals: Tainted - 8 kills Swat - 4 kills Axolotl - 3kills General - 2 kills Chick - 2 kills Proto - 2 kills Chompski - 2 kills Merc - 2 kills (doesn't count) Zero - 2 kills 13thspray - 1 kill Archangel - 1 kill Archer - 1 kill Dannygaming - 1 kill Defiant - 1 kill Drag - 1 kill Dreamz - 1 kill Elias Perez - 1 kill Got Your Six - 1 kill IDE Port - 1 kill Kanon - 1 kill Kousei Arima - 1 kill Leto - 1 kill Lookback - 1 kill Lordbaby - 1 kill Mugetsu - 1 kill Pandas - 1 kill Playa - 1 kill Saint Rick - 1 kill Shaq - 1 kill Sox - 1 kill TJ - 1 kill Tuly - 1 kill Veee - 1 kill Vincent Van Bro - 1 kill Viva La Brandon - 1 kill Wesker - 1 kill Yawgmoth - 1 kill
  3. Running the new map that Jackie put on the server Tonight server 2 around 8:30 est Diescraper Redux go here if you need to get the map: http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/topic/44980-custom-campaign-list-updated-042415/?p=540746
  4. Next Friday April 10 8:30pm EST custom map night Be there! Server 2 post here and remind everyone all week
  5. Server 2 See Mercman with questions Not sure which custom, so have all 3
  6. Tonight starting between 8:30 and 9:00pm Eastern Server 2 All are welcome, except for Yortz (who will be slapped, slayed and made fun) We can decide which map tonight
  7. Hello All, IF you would like to sign Maestro's E-card, here's your choices. 1) Post on the forums your personal message, and we can put it on there. Or 2) If you want to make something special, or a picture, or whatever post it on drop-box and post the link here. Depending on how many signatures or special messages we get, we'll put them either on a Card or make a Slide-Show. We would like everyone's stuff by Wen 1/28/15 so we can get it made and sent to him. Love, Chick & Crasx <3
  8. We are organizing a GC L4D2 Tournament. General Information: - Players will be assigned to teams randomly, based on PPM - Tournament will be bracket style tournament (probably double elimination) - Days and times are not completely set, but will most likely be on weekend nights 9 or so EST - Same style of play as we have on our servers now (same plugins, etc) - Size of teams, number of games, how many maps from a campaign, etc will be decided after we see how many people sign up Sign up with the link below: http://gamrs.co/d/content/gc-l4d2-tournament If any questions or comments, post them below or message me
  9. This Friday night Server #2 8:30 pm EASTERN TIME - (no I don't know what time it is where you live so don't pm me!) Just show up. Time is approximate, because it depends where the current campaign is. Might be a little sooner or later.
  10. As some of you might have noticed Maestro has been MIA and I'm sure some of you know and some of you don't know why. On Jan 21st maestro had a heart attack. He's currently in the hospital. His sister posted last night on his facebook that he would be in there for 5 more days and then transferred to Liverpool. For obvious reasons he's unable to be online via anything. Last night Crasx had messaged me on facebook about making an e-card from all of us here in GC for Maestro, and all of us signing our GC names and maybe either sign your GC name on a piece of paper snap a pic and send it to us or something. I spoke with his sister because I wanted to make sure it was okay we told all of you and not just the admins and told her our plan. She thought it was absolutely a lovely ideal, and said to let you guys know. Crasx and I will post up in here once we hash out the details and if for some reason once we get it a worked out you don't have time or maybe want to add a special message feel free to post it here. Maestro will have a nice thread to comeback too along with the e-card. I will also keep you up-to-date on how he is doing.
  11. Obviously the last time the admins got together and played vs members, the result was a very lucky, blow-out win for the members. I think it is time for a rematch! I know the admins, ever since that day, have been secretly practicing together, 6 hours a night, to prepare for this. Saturday night, 1/17/15, around 8pm (Eastern Time) until you all rage-quit Server #2 Normal server rules, standard campaign, etc No sign ups, just show up, first ones in, get to play I think we will have 10 admins on, but if not, we will grab a member or two for admin team (some average players, like Swat and General? ...joking) Admins can turn off hearing other team, or we can put it on all-talk, whatever you want. If you cant get in the server that night, I suggest you go in mumble and listen for a spot to open up If you always wanted to beat up your favorite admin (obviously me) or your least favorite (poor zero), this is the night to do it!
  12. Admins and such that have the power to edit this please do so. After an entry, please add a description of the action and *why* we will kick/ban for it. If you can't and want to add a few cents than just post a reply. Replies will be deleted after awhile to keep the thread more or less as a stickied single post. Note that all of these things can/will result in a kick/ban. Sometimes kick. Sometimes a short ban. Sometimes a forever ban. As with all bans sometimes people get caught in the crossfire. Sorry about that. Just post up in the relevant forum and it'll get taken care of. 1) Rushing. What is it: Not staying with the majority of your teammates; rushing ahead of the group. Why is this bad: This is a team game. If you rush ahead the strength of the group is lessened. When is it allowed: When your team has no chance of making it to the saferoom and your teammates give you permission to make a run for it. Read this for the full version: http://steamcommunit...107329955645529 2) Camping the safe room at start of game. What is it: Staying a long time within the safe room at the start of a round. Anything more than four or five minutes without a legitimate reason is bad. Why is this bad: The round will not start unless someone goes outside the safe room. Exceptions: In the process of balancing teams, waiting for someone to join to even the teams. NOTE: Its a game. Get on with it. even if teams are not balanced, staying in the safe room and complaining about it isn't helping. If it's one of those nights, take the night off and play somewhere else, read a book, etc. But you can't camp this room and grief about it. 3) Language; Encouraging others to grief, spamming voice/text chat. What is it: Seriously. If you don't know our standards perhaps brush up on them? Why is it bad: Makes life miserable for everyone else on the server. 4) Stacking/ Team switching to win What is it: Switching to the winning team or team with more players in order to win Why is it bad: Makes game less fun for the losing team. When is it allowed: When an admin switches you or you move from the winning team to the losing team to balance the game Additional rules that apply to all GC servers:
  13. This custom map seems to be a hit with most. It doesn't crash the server and seems to be an okay balance for survivors and infected. Scheduling it for this Friday again. Just show up. Try to be early as the spots fill up.
  14. Peanut and I decided it would be fun THIS SAT 8/8 and SUN 8/9 to do some Custom Map and Jackie/VIP Pathing. SATURDAY NIGHT: 8/9 at 8pm EST We will be playing URBAN FLIGHT, ALSO if you want AFTER Urban Flight to play some Jackie Pathing & VIP Mode WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT READ THIS: http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/topic/44980-custom-campaign-list-updated-72314/ SUNDAY NIGHT 8/10 at 8pm EST We will be playing a few hours on Jackie Pathing and VIP MODE
  15. As most of you know by now, there's a second server up. The problem we're seeing now is that we're often short on admins. If you have the desire to apply for admin, please shoot me a PM. If you've applied before and would like to be reconsidered, shoot me a PM. The most important things to consider: You must be active in the forums and the server. You should really have a mic; being vocal about the rules is huge in the servers.
  16. Will people stop encouraging others to buy witches so you can then make them dangerous. This is an exploit. If we can't get this issue resolved, I say remove dangerous witches from the buy menu altogether.
  17. Condensing all useful topics into one and providing links to each one...plus because there are too many pinned topics. Have you been banned? Want to check the stats page? Look no further than here! You can also appeal your ban in this forum (please read the sticky before posting!) See bad behavior on the server? Grab some evidence! You can learn how to do all that fun stuff in this topic here Wondering what all the commands are and how to bind them to keys? We have your one stop topic for all your needs Need some advice on how to be the best you can be on the server? Check out Sess1on's topic here Curious about the server achievements? One click is all your need. Join the Steam group while you're at it! What do GC members get over non-GC members? Member reserve kick protection - You won't get kicked to make room for members anymore AFK protection. You won't be kicked for going AFK, but getting moved to Spectate will still happen High Ping Protection Hats!! Access to vote kick commands plus vote kick protection Gain "for fun" RPG levels! Gain an infinite amount of levels, but the amount of EXP you gain per level increases with each one you earn plus fake items that are obtainable for comedic purposes. Just because you're a member doesn't give you free reign to be a jackass (for lack of a better term). You can get your membership revoked without a refund. If you think the rules are a joke and you disrespect them, by all means make your own community/server and run it how you please. The community rules aren't very complicated. Just because you can be a troll, doesn't mean you should be. Different kinds of custom plugins on the server: -The "Item Buy Plugin" (Server Exclusive) is similar to the old version, but written from the ground up so whatever things you find within are only things you'd find here. Some awesome things are: Earn points for literally everything you do, then spend them for pretty much everything available in the game! Achievements! A total of 40 achievements can be earned on the server! Bought a Tank? BE your own Tank! Unique purchasable items that other servers would die to have!...I think. Teammates need points? You can send your points to them! Per round stats! See how many Special Infected players you got before they had the chance to get you! And more without flooding this post with 50 bullet points! Join the server and see for yourself! -The "Campaign Switcher" (Server Exclusive) upon the startup of the server, goes to a random campaign, and after the end of any campaign, a random campaign is selected to be next. It also keeps a list of the last 5 campaigns played so repeats don't happen in a sickening cycle. There is no static rotation either like other bland servers have. Everything is random because random = dynamic! -The "Teams Panel" plugin (which can be found on sourcemod.net) lists all players on the server and what team they are on. Custom additions include anti-imbalancing where 5 people can't suddenly join the opposite team so it would be 7v2, auto-kick for members meaning if a member wants to play, they type !jointeam and the person with the lowest connection time on the randomly selected team will be kicked and the member will be moved to the random team, and per map start team locking. The custom changes are exclusive to the server. -The "Round Start Freezer" (Server Exclusive) freezes all Survivor players before a round starts to ensure no one rushes out of the saferoom before everyone has loaded in. After a certain percentage of players type "!ready", the countdown will skip to 5 seconds and once the round goes live, all Survivor players will be unfrozen. All infected players are free to move around during the ready-up period so they can get into position and get ready for an attack.
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