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  1. Great new episode after 2 months of waiting. I hope no one forgot.
  2. Saw this tonight with parents and kids. Was a really funny movie but be careful bringing young kids to it. The is was a genuinely humorous movie that pokes fun in a satirical way at modern Hollywood and the liberal machine. Although it had this underlying theme, it was mostly just a pretty good flick. Kelsy Grammar made a good Patton I must say.
  3. mookie


    Watched the pilot of this twice. To me it looks like it could be a great show and by far the best thing on on Wednesday night. Anyone else watch this last week? Early on in the show, Crews (Damien Lewis, played the officer in Band of Brothers) was starting to bug me but by the end of the pilot I liked the character.
  4. This show was talked up so much (probably mostly by FOX). To my eye it was short on development, and my mind started wandering as the show went on. Maybe it was just the Sox game. Everyone else disagree? Love it, thought it sucked?
  5. http://thefutoncritic.com/news.aspx?date=0...d=20080917nbc01 Saw this today and thought it might be of interest to some here. In short, the premieres of Knight Rider, Biggest Loser, Lipstick Jungle, Chuck, Life, 30 Rock should be online a week earlier than their air-dates on NBC.com and Hulu.
  6. Anyone see it? I just watched it last night, not bad....more loose ends tied up from the tv series.
  7. anyone else seen this? it made me laugh and i don't even take the pineapple express anymore
  8. Well, I have to say anything with "dark" in it is obviously amazing I give it 5/5. I loved it. It was much darker than Batman Begins, but that ended up being a good thing. The joker made the movie too. I liked their portrayal of him MUCH better in this than the old movies (duh). Again, 5 / 5 darkarchons.
  9. anyone? is it as good as i'm hearing?
  10. i never heard of this, but i don't really pay attention to movies. if you haven't seen this, i really recommend watching it -- maybe when you're not in the mood for aliens, exploding things, etc. the indian is a motorcycle, not a ethnic reference 2 hours (give or take) well spent. 5/5 - "one hell of a true story" trailer: [utube]jW61Qiko4sg[/utube] actual documentary footage: [utube]i6kgMaidf9s[/utube]
  11. http://www.brightcove.tv/title.jsp?title=1320139451 I'm in love.
  12. It's on now, in HD! Sure it's black and white but would you want it any other way? Anywho I been watching the marathon and I never knew William Shatner played in many of them.
  13. anybody keep track of their movies via this? I started one: http://www.imdb.com/mymovies/list?l=33511077
  14. This thread is for recommending films that you know people probably haven't seen. Whether they're just really old or they are relatively unknown or just got bad reviews but didn't deserve it. My first recommendation would have to be Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War. You can find my post about it in this forum. for a comedy I'd recommend Mystery Men (I'm still amazed at how many people have never heard of this movie). It's the only Ben Stiller movie I actually enjoy. It's stupidly hilarious.
  15. LooooooooooooooooooooooL
  16. I saw it today.. my favs go: 1. Last Crusade (3rd Movie) 2. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1st Movie) 3. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (4th Movie) 4. Temple of DOOM (2nd movie) ------ my take on it is... it's over the top. I am glad i saw it.. but it gets 3rd on my favs list.. well temple of doom was terrible... sooo. What do you guys think?
  17. 3/5 stars. I'll just say this: The movie knows how to keep it's audience mildly entertained until the end.
  18. Season 4 finale: WHAT?! Why must they do this to me?
  19. I went and saw this with a few friends last night. I liked it better than Narnia 1 - I thought it was done better. However, I can see how some might have been a little confused especially for the first 1/3 of the movie if you have not read the books. I read them all as a kid, so I knew what was going on. All in all I thought they did a good job considering it was Walt Disney doing it.
  20. Ok, I was crying my eyes out for weeks after they ended the last series of SG-1. I mean, they left it with nothing resolved! Anyway, any of you interested in seeing this on March 11th? I'm very excited!
  21. I grew up watching these cartoons, the real thing is gonna be sweet! www.ironmanmovie.com
  22. I watched Tekkon Kinkreet the other day, one of the darkest anime's I have ever seen. Great story and visuals, I can't recommend enuff.
  23. EDIT: YOU KNOW THIS IS ABOUT SEASON 4, SO IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT SO FAR, STOP READING UNLESS YOU WANT SOME THINGS GIVEN AWAY!!! So what do you guys think of season 4 so far? Personally, it's SUPER depressing, and I'm a little disappointed with it. There doesn't seem to be a huge plot that they're following - they're just breaking down all the relationships and getting everyone to make stupid decisions (except Adama for the most part). Oh, and the Rosalyn or however it's spelled is really annoying I think. And Adama Jr. is an idiot. And Starbuck is annoying me a lot lately, like she thinks she's the princess or something. And someone needs to kill the president's assistant because she's psycho. /end of rant Honestly, this is by far my favourite TV show ever made. I absolutely love it, and look forward to every episode. It just feels like not much has happened yet... What do you guys think? Any predictions for the immediate future or who the last cylon is?
  24. 5/5 Stars! The whole movie I was terrified. It's one of those movies where after your done, your hands are drenched with sweat. The plot was executed with good timing. The character development was spot on. The movie applied LOGIC! Something you don't see a lot in movies. There is only one thing I would take out. But I wont ruin it for you. In a week I'll let you know. GO WATCH IT! Its in IMAX theater's.
  25. Speed Racer Hit the HD trailers link.
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