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Found 23 results

  1. Hi everyone. I know it's been years,right. Anyhow, I thought you might want to check out this new game. A company called Reakktor, has pretty much come out with a different version of UT. Some of the maps look really similar, and the weapons are just redesigned but they feel the same. It really is a new version of UT, and it's using the Unreal Engine. Well, thought I would stop in and see what you guys think. Nice to see the GC still going!!
  2. Tempted to reinstall the game but I wasn't sure if anyone still played.
  3. The UT2k4 server situation is critical, there is only a few left. Even ours have fallen. Seems a few unknown ONS servers (some new I've never played on) have shown up and I'l play on them for an hour at most (ping issues). I'm not an obnoxious player, and when I got back to join the server, my IP has been banned. Now, one player screamed I was speed hacking (my crap comcast connection), but the last server I played on no one said a word. Pow I was banned. What do you think is going on? Oh and I alias on these severs cause 150+ ping makes me hide my face. I know I'm going to suck cause the lag, I just wanna play but without fingers pointing, Or are they pointing?
  4. just saw stutters email and popped my head in to say hi. =) miss playing ut with you guys, just playing super mario on the wii these days, lol. hope all is well and have a great christmas, or great holiday whatever you might celebrate!
  5. I just had a blast. I play a lot on Zirux's demo server because, well it just plays so well. Best server I've played on. Anyway... I joined a game under a girl alias. Played a couple rounds like a well rounded player, just no jump dodging and mostly mines, mini and avrils. After a round of being beaten on a really bad team I played the best I could and we actually turned the next map and got their prime down. One player called bot, then the whole team slowly did also one by one as they went spec or left. Then I told them to watch as I shot randomly then killed some guys, back and forth. They said it was just the tools I was using. So much fun and a great experiment in human behavior.
  6. Ok, I have an idea for what I think would be a pretty cool map. It is ONS but what i'm looking at is your basic battle map. Such as Primevil, and Frostbite. 3 node map but with a twist. I don't know, nor do I even want to try to figure out how to make a map so I'm calling on anyone who would like to give it a try. I have the design on paper and how it will all work, just need someone to build it for me. I'll be happy to talk via Vent or e-mail to get across the look, sounds and feel of the map. Let me know here of PM me or e-mail me---primus@gamersrow.com if you know anyone that is interested. Thanks guys!!
  7. Anyone reading knows this game is about dead but still kicking. I only play ONS and pretty much on just: TheUTPub, An Old Skool Server, Death Warrant, Omnip)o(tents, and (A.S.S)* Carcass Factory. I'm Torlan'd to death so I rarely hit the demo servers and the remainder of the other servers have mods that are too radical for my liking or the ping is too slow to be playable. I do like many of the new maps which is a large part of what keeps me going. So these are the places I lurk. Hopefully I'll see some of you from time to time!
  8. Add Bushwack to your buddies list cause I'm dropping the tag for now, my membership is up. UT is dead here and I figure the server will fall anytime. The TF2 server bombed and while I have CSS and COD4 I just don't play them online. So if you use Xfire add thebushwack or in Steam add bushwack@comcast.net to find me playing.
  9. This might have been a topic already, but I was dinking around in the user.ini file the other day and came accross this: [GUI2K4.UT2K4ServerLoading] Backgrounds=2k4Menus.Loading.loadingscreen1 Backgrounds=2k4Menus.Loading.loadingscreen2 Backgrounds=2k4Menus.Loading.loadingscreen3 Backgrounds=2k4Menus.Loading.loadingscreen3 Note on the last line the 4 is actually a 3... change it to a 4 and you'll get a new load screen. Fun eh?
  10. I haven't been able to connect to the master server for at least a day. Anyone know what's up?
  11. Hard drive crashed. Loaded everything back and found an old user.ini and nostromo settings. I can only see 4 servers when loading ut2004 for online play. I disabled my norton 360 and can only see those 4 servers. Has ut2004 internet community died or more likely my system needs work? Any suggestions?
  12. Anyone wanna build one? I kinda want to. Just for fun once exams are done (ie before exams are done as an excuse to not study). I know there are a bajillion of them and most of them suck, but I just want to for fun. Any input? Any ideas for a theme for the map? Or maybe build something that already exists? It's just fun to dink around in there.
  13. I know BW is still out, but I'll hop in around 9 if anyone wants to meet up.
  14. Good start last tuesday. Had to learn not to charge people like Flitter all over again. Stay back, hose from a distance, and hope. Not playing you gc guys regularly has given me a false sense of security. Without the server, I have been pretty much reduced to only having to worry about Cannon. Typical play with Cannon is he kills me, I kill him, he kills me, I kill him, he kills me, etc. Notice a pattern? Unlike Flitter on the hill in tank and on foot. I charge and die, I charge and die, I charge and die, etc. Notice new pattern? Now the gang is back and I am so low on predator scale that I am loving it. You only improve by playing better opponents. Thursday was a poor showing but we were communication that is was unlikely for most of us to meet that day. Much better than the silence....
  15. Dark sent me his map so if you guys want it just get it here. Thanks Dark! http://www.gamersrow.com/downloads/DM-Chinese.rar
  16. Flitter is gone. I'm lingering (may even play a touch) through the weekend but mostly busy and then will be afk to the land of no interwebs (aside from a spot check here and there) Back with the New Year. Safe holidays, -Fk
  17. Ok guys, UT3 is not UT2004 but a new game. A relatively bad new game that needs alot of upgrades in user interface, weapon, player model variety, smooth vehicle dynamics, etc. They made a possibly great pc game and lowered is to console. Pubbing in UT3 is less enjoyable. Team balancing is weak and the orb makes the game end so fast that newbies working together have no chance to mount a defense until more experienced players join. I have seen Tek's meltdown on current new games including ut3 I have seen Cannon's call for GC playes to get together for games of ut2004 on the A.S.S server. Bushwack and Lex have gone the way of TeamFortress2 (which is deathmatch play that I personally do not like, a waste of 50 dollars by me). I can stand freon ut2004 games with friends Who knows where Dark is..... Dingy want to know when to play UT3 but I am not sure who will be getting down to play and when on ut3. I got into a game a week ago on ut2004 and other than my nostromo not conditioned for it, I had a blast (especially in Hellbender) Shocker felt like a machine gun. I miss you guys. How about we make a UT2004 forum and get back to playing UT2004 again. Face it our UT3 server is doing relatively nothing...............
  18. would my connect support a 10-16 person server u guys think?
  19. http://rypelcam.net/_3vo/ I watched the demo he did, looks pretty sweet. Lets see what we can come up with!
  20. I finally broke down and bought a new monitor. It is a widescreen Gateway FOD2485W. Picture is much better than my old 19 in 4:3 and gives me more room. Also much faster 38 ms to 6 ms. USB hub does not seem to work. Do not care. I notice a few problems when gaming. When I power nodes the whole landscape vibrates or shakes. It is not major but distracting. I wonder if this is due to stretching to fit widescreen? I would continue to play is 4:3 mode on widescreen if I knew setting in UT2004 to allow this. Still playing with settings. THIS THING IS HUGE
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