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  1. Harrisonburg, VA is at 1550 feet elevation. We just got hit with a blizzard warning due to the hurricane. Most impacts starting at 2000 feet. Depending upon temperature swings either we get a ton of rain, a ton of snow, or inches of ice. I'm thinking even if I get FedEx up today in the store, shipping ain't happening for awhile...
  2. Post up your Doom 3 settings and benchmark results. To run the Timedemo Ctrl+Alt+~ then type Timedemo Demo1. Settings for me: 1024x768 High Quality(Which means 8xAF and uncompressed textures) Everything on in game except for Vsync No AA Quality settings in ATI Control Panel w/ Tripple Buffering =24.4FPS For some reason the game plays a lot smoother than the time demo lets on, but either way there are my initial results. Here are my computers specs. AMD Athlon XP 3000+@2.267GHz]-[ABIT NF7-S]-[512MB Crucial PC3200]-[Radeon 9800XT]-[180GXP w/8MB cache HD]-[sB Audigy]
  3. Isnt there supposed to be a new expansion pack after ROE for Doom 3 coming out somtime?
  4. I have DooM 3 and the expansion and was just wondering if anyone plays this at all. I used to play it all the time until i got counterstrike. If you do play it still what server do you use?
  5. http://www.3dfxzone.it/enboard/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1462 Looks terrible but it is playable. No bumpmapping.
  6. Heard the Rock and Karl Urban are in it. But the premise is slightly different. The Rock is Thomas "Sarge" Kelly, wich was the bad guy in the game but not in the movie. The minions from hell arent from hell but humans mutated from a human genome virus gone wrong. So the movie title should be "Doom, but not really".
  7. Looks like some HL2 ideas are being implemented. http://www.homelanfed.com/index.php?id=27613
  8. http://www.quartertothree.com/inhouse/columns/86/ Description This was on firingsquad.com **Warning** There are some bad words.
  9. Game sucks now that I've got to play through it without system reboots. So idiotic how these things somehow end up behind you all the time. If you haven't purchased it yet, borrow from a friend. Buy something better.
  10. Okay, its ShadowDog, im sitting next to this kid who thinks u can run a Geforce 6800 (not ultra) in DOOMIII on Ultra settings.. AND STILL RUN SMOOTH Comp Specs: Desktop AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 1gig RAM MSI K8N Neo platnum LedTek GeForce 6800 128mb | 66.72 drivers now, i have 10 bucks saying u can't do this.. will u please explain how its pretty much impossible to run DOOMIII with those specs in ULTRA video settings.. Res: 1024x768 Gamma: default Vertical Sync: disabled AF: off
  11. Check these guys spazzing out on doom 3 Spazz
  12. Quake IV has been announced and PC Gamer gave it 10 pages in their last issue. It is, of course, being developed by ID Software, and will be using a tweaked Doom III engine (hence why I put it in this thread). For anyone (not me) who has followed the Quake series, Q4 will be single player focused, and take up the story minutes after Quake II ends. Also, the multiplayer will support more than 4 players. Looks as good or better than Doom III, but should have much better multiplayer, and the story is supposed to be much more human, giving you a real feeling of being there fighting alongside your buddies.
  13. if you havent played it yet heres your chance. wished they released this before i bought it... ive probably played it for about 4 hours so far and i probably won't be playing anymore. doom 3, to half.com you go...
  14. So, I was watching D3 being played at BestBuy the other day. IMHO it's to darn dark for me to shell out $60 for it. I guess I'll just wait until it goes on sale before I buy it.
  15. http://www.elroyonline.net/pnews.php?page=doom3
  16. Some of these are quite graphic and may spoil the game for you. Nasty. Can you say ouch? One of those times that you dread. There are no less than 3 zombies coming after me here and you can not use your light at the same time. These are the freaky parts of the game. The first part of the game that really made my skin crawl. You have to play it to appreciate it. RUN!!!!!!!! New face lifts do not look promising.
  17. There seems to be a problem with 9800 pro's and doom 3 causing artifacts. Seems if you underclock your core a bit they go away. Apparently Doom3 is stressing things on these cards that no other game has ever stressed and is causing heating problems. Seems to be only 9800 pro's and not all 9800 pro's. Post here if you have issues. Apparently it is happening if you are using the pirated version also.
  18. Go ahead and read my little mini review here: DriverHeaven
  19. Dunno, I just like co-op FPS games, although I guess Doom2 was really the only time I ever played one. Someone attemped a half-life one, but never got into it. Wouldn't it be cool to pop into these things together?? Chatting on teamspeak, watching the guy in front flip out when he gets scared by some dewd. Oh well...
  20. I don't know how many of you are familiar with Quake 3 and "cvars" and the tweakability of ID games...I'm sorta familiar just because a community I post in still is all ABOUT Q3 and now Doom 3... anyway, in Quake 3...there were client side settings that when used in a certain way would let you see shadows through walls and a couple other things that are clearly cheats... well...looks like people are already figuring it out for Doom 3. check here
  21. I know it looks great and it is scary but Im deleting it off my HD...I got to Toxic waste disposal and by now I totaly made up my mind...I have no interest in keep going. Beefs I have so far: 1. Freaking flashlight - they should've put it on the shoulder or under some of the guns...the way it is now is just frustrating...If I was that marine I would tape it to my forehead! 2. Gimme some night vision for Crist's sake.. its 22nd century isn't ? 3. Monsters are way too predictable....I mean its given that if u see one infront, there is gonna be one spawned behind u with like 99% probability....and it always like that, its getting redicilous 4. The biggest complain of them all DEAD BODIES DISAPPEAR!!! I mean how dare u call this sequel to the bloodiest game ever if I cannot see the carnage I've just made?!?!?! I can't even take a closer look on how those bastages look!!! and even if those artists did a good job making them (which Im sure they did) I cannot appreciate it to the fullest, what a waste of effort... 4a. Cannot make a clear distinction from places where I've been and where I haven't cuz again...no dead bodies to indicate my traces. 5. Levels are monotonous...like I understand its the same base and all but u gotta give players some variety dudes it never hurts....u get tired of always going to dark places....comon gimme atleast some break by having well lit up areas now and then. 6. Im always alone...I thought this game was released in 2004 not 1995....comon little centry bot is all u guyz could master? bah I've seen more NPCs in HL in 1996 or whenever it was released 7. No multi-player....although if issues above get resolved I might overlook no MP part...by how it stands right now...its just makes it a final stroke. So call me a weirdo or bad sport...but Doom 3 didn't do it for me ...just like FarCry didn't either...heck I had more fun playing HL2 beta than those 2 full releases. Cheers. PS: Machine gun (my fav from Doom2) shuold have more than 60 rounds....even SMG has 60 rounds....really doesn't make sence to leave MG with 60 also now does it?
  22. http://download.boomtown.net/en_uk/article...iew.php?id=5813
  23. http://www.beyond3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14874
  24. Guest


    Some twisted bastards work at ID. You have to be screwed in the head to come up with some of this stuff in this game. Seriously. There should be a warning on this game for those with heart conditions. I mean Dela Labs 3? I think there is some wall behind that blood.
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