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Found 2 results

  1. Flitterkill

    Games, Tournaments, etc.

    No time like the present, also this may/may not help with sponsorship work. Games to be played (computer, console, board, etc) Tournaments wanted. Let's hear them.
  2. Flitterkill

    July Dates Poll

    Well I've started some early work on this. The old website has a holding page set as it was abandoned back in 2007 or so. Nothing lost, just getting rebooted behind the scenes. All the photo archives will merge back into the GC forums with the re-installed (and better) IPB Gallery coming with the forums refresh in a bit. The mod also allows you to make those hover-boxes to tag things/individuals in the photos so... bonus! Even though FFO 2013 would be 13 months and a week or two away from now, it actually isn't too early to start nailing things down - certainly not if we are going to kickstart this thing. Many meeting facilities have already been booked for July 2013 (weddings...) so those looking for a new joint to wander about will be disappointed. The Hudson Clarion is at the moment wide open on the above poll dates. At least for now (weddings...) so how about we get rough guestimates? Please choose any/all of the above dates and help us out. Yes, I know you probably don't even know if you are free on those dates. We'll probably end up just setting a date soon regardless and let that certainty allow you to figure things out on your end. -Fk