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Found 1 result

  1. Flitterkill

    FFO 2013 - Formative Work

    Naturally those dates are a joke. If you folks are serious we might as well start the ball rolling now. A sober reminder for those that step up to really get this thing into place: Getting from the "Yes! Let's do this" feeling you have now to the "We're here! Time to play!" point fourteen months hence? Those intervening months will involve work. Coordinated, reported upon, shared, collaborative work, some of which will have deadlines. Location (impose on Fatster/Barn/Camp or hotel), events, cost, shirts, sponsorships, prizes, food, drink (regular and alcoholic) power, bathrooms, showers, setup, take-down, infrastructure, parking, number of people, under 18/21 allowed, etc. All that will need to be dealt with. For now, and don't go starting other threads or polls just yet (actually you can't), how about we just take a casual gauge of interested or not, # of people you'd drag with you, preferred month (June or July) and see what shakes out? I have a post going out to announce the very-late March/April membership drive winners in a day or two and I'll piggieback this thread in the message. We'll check and see what we have here in a few weeks and go from there (knowing full well that settling on an actual date/location will bring out more interest but we have to have a good base to start the ball rolling)