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Found 6 results

  1. Apparently I don't know how to post correctly. Anyway I have this Samsung drive from a laptop a while ago. It looks like some sort of recovery drive. I tried all the recovery options in Windows 10 to no avail. Tried to boot as USB, no windows files. Any suggestions or does it look familiar to anyone? Theres probably not much that valuable maybe vacation pictures, otherwise I do need a backup drive for this laptop. Thanks in advance help.rtf
  2. Yo, Just wondering if anyone has experience with using a SSD as a cache drive paired with a standard HDD. I'm reading that Intel is the way to go and that the third party software and dedicated cache drives are not worth it. I already have a 1 TB drive for my next build but I was leaning towards another AMD build hence the third party stuff since AMD has no SSD cache solution. So, if Intel's solution is worth it I want to look into it. Larger SSD drives are still out of my budget at the moment. Any input will be appreciated. S.
  3. Long story short, my PS3 died in a house fire. While the console was dead, I did manage to pull the hard drive (which looked unscathed) in the hopes of saving my game data (especially Dark/Demon Souls). The PS3 uses a regular old 2.5" SATA hard drive, why wouldn't I be able to just copy/paste from the old to the new? Research has shown though that apparently the old hard drive is encrypted with a key specific to the PS3 it came with. I can't plug it into my computer to perform a backup. I can't put it in an external enclosure, plug it in to the new PS3, then transfer files. I can't put it in the new PS3 to run data backup utility without the console trying to immediately reformat the drive. It is INFURIATING that I have all my data sitting here, and I can't get it to my new system. The ONLY way to get data from one PS3 to another seems to be running a backup/transfer utility on the original console. 120 hours of Demon's Souls, gone. 80 hours of Dark Souls (game wasn't even beaten yet), gone. Having to fight through Blighttown again? Ugh........ Dead Space 2 saves, gone. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can salvage this stuff, I'm open to suggestions. And no, I can't do the "oven trick" or any such other thing to the old console. It has been thrown away, and was not in a condition that would have allowed for a temp recovery. NICE ONE SONY, good job making it impossible for someone to get their game saves back after unrecoverable hardware failure.
  4. For the last year I have been annoyed by my secondary hard drive taking 10-15 seconds to wake up every time I access it. I did some research a while back and through that came to the conclusion that it was the "Green Drive" that I got. Turns out it's a power setting. To stop it from sleeping go to Control panel/ power settings/ then click change plan settings/ advanced power settings / choose the drop down under hard drives and change it to never. voila! No more sleepy drive.
  5. I've run out of space on my primary usb drive and need to add space quickly. Do you guys have any specific drive recommendations (space + reliability important, super performance not) and recommendations for when to buy (ie, wait a couple more weeks or prices are going to be pegged for a few more months yet)? xoxo
  6. http://www.techspot.com/guides/494-hard-drive-pricewatch-thai-floods/
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