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  1. There was a problem with the old whitelist when the server got updated to 1.7.9 I have put in a new whitelist and have added what I believe to be all the currently whitelisted people. if you are not white listed and you believe this to be in error please post and I will add you as soon as I can. we can also use this the be the new white listed thread. Follow the above rules and you shouldn't have any problems... but since this thread is specific to the Minecraft server, here are a few additional rules: * no intentional killing of other players without consent * no stealing or destroying other players' items or animals * no griefing Thanks, and happy mining!
  2. So this thing has died pretty much. It happens. The following is now occurring: Full backup of all the Minecrafty things. Nothing is being wiped content-wise, just tucked away. Backups available to whoever wants them in the short-term. The server itself is being nuked and upgraded to Centos 7. Full wipe and reconfigure. We're still getting good value on the server itself (4 core, 4 gig ram, 80 gig ssd for $14/month) so I have no desire to cancel it outright. I *may* delay the above items in favor of working on some Docker things for a future GC chat thing on this server - that's probably going to happen but will only delay the full wipe. You may now begin yelling.
  3. hey i got new mods to this game and i thought to show u so if u wondered how these mods look like so here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-qFF7iQ9UE funny mods but we are new in yt so vid sucks XDD hf
  4. as we all know the server population is low, and yes we have had some show more interest now that there are a couple of plugins on the server. But I see that some players were still asking about claims and I think that this would be a good opportunity to please some players by reintroducing claims and with claims back on the server I think a removal of the whitelist would then allow us to get more people on the server. so with that I have put on the claims plugin and it appears to be working. I will not remove the whitelist for about a month giving all players a chance to claim the structures and whatnot that they have worked so hard to build. because the plugin was added very recently nobody will really have the ability to claim all of there areas so send me a message or post on the forums in this thread about how many claim blocks you will need and for the currently players we will be giving those out so that all your stuff is covered. I will also be working on the spawn area and anyone that wishes to help is more than welcome, at the moment its admin claimed so any admin can work on it but for players that wish to help just let me know and I will figure out what I can. I will post again a week or so before the whitelist is removed and I will also be admin claiming any buildings are player areas that are unclaimed before I remove the whitelist. if you have not claimed your area before the whitelist is removed then you will not be receiving the bonus claim blocks (unless extenuating circumstances prevent you from it) if you have any questions comments or concerns feel free to let me know.
  5. Hey there, Can anyone suggest a good texture/graphic pack/mod for Minecraft? Not too much to alter the looks, but enrich original ones.
  6. How do I find the entrance to The End?
  7. I've been hopping on the server here and there to build some stuff since I never did when we first started the new map... it's always dead. Actually ran in to another player for the first time in a long time, thanks for the company Jerky. Hope to see more people around again.
  8. Awfully quiet, and the numbers are way down. Things need changing? Is it over?
  9. Well, 1.8 was too good to be true. Many have been reporting problems with random crashes, server reboots, etc. Started to see reports in early Sept. and now we're getting the symptoms. Specifically the server just cycles - comes online, 5 seconds later crashes (hard, no logs), script restarts, and repeat away... Short answer is I have no idea and most other people have none either (other than appending nogui to the startup line) We will have to wait for an update. Why it took this long to hit us? No idea, perhaps there is something that has been built that is tweaking it out? mayhaps layoff teh redstone shenanigans for the short term until a 1.8.1 or something hits. Or maybe it stays up for awhile now - I have no idea. Did I mention I have no idea? I might have said that. EDIT: Just joined for the first time in forever. The con kept spamming @flitterkill set gamemode survival. Over and over and over and over....
  10. So, at around 1030am eastern the server got killed by the host due to high cpu load. 25 and climbing. We've got about 1/3 of the actual server resources so when our server decides to flake out it will affect other VPS instances along side us. I caught the alert email and such a little after 1pm eastern, responded to support and they turned us back on. I don't see anything unusual so I'll chalk it up to java/minecraft run amok but peeps will need to keep an eye out for when the server starts to blow. I'd rather be a good neighbor and reboot the server rather than let it crush the server cpu and force the host provider's hands.
  11. with the fresh start of the minecraft server I would like to set down a couple of rules that will make the start as fair for all and as friendly to the server as possible. first with the restart there will be the 3 fortress' again. last time only one or two people raided all three and I would like to put a limit to that. you may only raid one fortress and of that fortress you may not take more than half of the book, and half of the chests with loot. that way 6 or more players will be able to reap the rewards of the fortress' second I will try to put a block in place but on the outside chance it doesn't work, I would like players to build personal structures 250 or more blocks from the spawn, down the road the community can build around spawn to beautify it and what not but that will be a communal work not personal bases or farms. the primary reason for this is the spawn chunks. any players wishing to have things moved from the old world I will move structures or buildings (not farms) into the creative part of the world, please keep it over there, if you wish to play there in survival, great but I want the main area fully reset. since there will be no mods, add-ons, plugins, etc. I will put up a teleport at spawn to bring you to the creative world and one to return you to spawn and pressure plates to change game mode for the players that are not oped. if you wish to have anything moved from the old world to the new one, either post or send me a pm telling me what you want moved and I will do my best to place it in. In about 6 months I will put up another vote to reset the server for a fresh start, don't be alarmed by this. it will be just like this reset where things can be moved, also don't feel obligated to restart. if it doesn't pass I will wait another 6 months and put up another. this will allow slower building players a choice and players that feel bored another chance to restart. once the mods have had a chance to catch up, I will start by putting bukkit (if available) back on and get most of our current plugins back on. I will also be adding claims if they are updated. The Server will be reset approx. September 2nd
  12. With update 1.8 to go live on September 2nd and with all the new people and stuff being added I would like to see what people want. If we start from scratch we could keep bukkit or we could mod the world in other ways if gives a fresh start but I know a lot of people have put many hours in and might not want to lose their hard work... If we do choose to reset the world it would be possible to move parts back over but that would be done on a case by case basis....if it even comes to that.
  13. We aren't sure what happened, but can you please add BrickDaddyShark back to the whitelist on the Minecraft server? If something happened, please let me know.
  14. Please post your mod ideas in this thread, we can also have some debates about the mods in this thread as well, if a mod cannot work on the server or is to taxing then it will not be implemented. I will try to make a list on occasion to make it easier to see what mods have been suggested.
  15. Looking to play some Minecraft? Look no further! GC has a whitelisted (means the server is private) Bukkit server. If you want to play with us, then post below with your Minecraft name. If you're new on the forums, maybe throw in some info such as who you are or who you're wanting to play with, that'd help us out a lot! To get on the whitelist, players need to post for themselves--no asking for a friend to be whitelisted. Parents, we'll make an exception here for your young kids. He/she won't have to have a forum account... but you will be responsible for making sure your son/daughter follows the rules. Posting here means that you have read, understand, and will follow all of our community rules (read below): Follow the above rules and you shouldn't have any problems... but since this thread is specific to the Minecraft server, here are a few additional rules: * no intentional killing of other players without consent * no stealing or destroying other players' items or animals * no griefing Thanks, and happy mining!
  16. I want To be whitelist and im a gc membership
  17. The creative world seems to have a memory leak and it is putting a huge drain on the server, I have put it up for a few days just to see if the updates would have helped and they have not. I will be trying one more trick to see if I can keep a separate creative world vs the normal survival world, I will just remove a few select things from the current creative world, Cat's Maze, Inubby's town, Radio's temple. and I will be moving them into a freshly generated creative world. if for some reason that also does not work after a week or so of testing then I will just have to make a location in the world that is creative only and separate the two sides so that there isn't any item mixing for those that want the survival experience. I will try to keep updates in this thread regarding the creative issue. There will also be backups of all the creative world content just in case I miss moving something that someone wanted moved.
  18. There has been some questions as to whether or not we will be adding mods to the server in the future. White the server will not be able to handle some extremely modded out setup, it can most likely handle a few mods. I have heard mixed reviews on whether or not to actually add them so I figure we can vote and if it passes I can worry more about what to add. To clarify when I mention mods I am talking about true game changing mods, along the lines of Feed the Beast that change or add a lot to the game, not the current small additions that we currently have like /home
  19. From the result of the poll (thanks everyone that voted), we now have a new world!! The server is whitelisted to keep things safe until at least a Beta version of Bukkit 1.6.1 is released. I'm taking requests for what buildings people want moved over into this world (I have the old one backed up). It is a bit of work to move things, but I need two things from you: What to move, and rough x, y, z coordinates in the new world. If you're fine just starting from scratch, all the better! Once Bukkit is back, I'll be adding a 'Creative' for anyone who wants to use that. It will be normally generated (not superflat), which should provide plenty of nice scenery.
  20. ~ Connecting to the GC Minecraft Server ~ Launch minecraft.exe Select Multiplayer on the main menu On the bottom of the window select Add Server Server Name - GC Minecraft Server (or simply choose a convenient name) Server IP - Now select Done Now, simply double-click on the server listed and you are connected. ~ Adding Minecraft to Steam & allocating RAM ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNqy9j3HwlM Target - "C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe" -Xms1024m -Xmx8192m -jar "C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\minecraft.exe" Start In - "C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\"
  21. WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Los Angeles, CA. No worries central and east coasters - pings are still solid, mine from central VA being about 90 and less than 10 real hops. I doubt you'll notice any real difference. For management purposes we've also added McMyAdmin. Which is kinda nice. Currently set to 25 players. SPECS: 80 Gig SSD 4 Gig Ram Four Intel E5 3.5Ghz+ Cores ------------------ This is up as of 315pm Eastern Friday April 25th. Bukkit version might get changed to solve a mod incompatibility. Dynmap is working but being rebuilt. Probably some other things that have been missed. But, I joined. All looks well. Was slaughtered by Endermen at spawn until I realized I can be a god so I did that and looked around and saw very strange things. Like this giant box in the sky that had a weird squid machine knocking off perpetually generated zombie guys into a large body of water that funnelled into a shaft of doom. The squid machine made disturbing noises and I realized I'm not meant for this world and then I disconnected.
  23. Simply, The World was copied last night to a new better server. Anything that was built after 10 pm 4/24/14 has not been copied. Please let us know if you're require any assistance. Stay tune for further notices.
  24. Bukkit - latest dev. so 1.7.9 MC will run on it. Just 1.7.2 Bukkit beta something now. There is *nothing* there other than vanilla Bukkit. No mods. Fresh gen world. That will get wiped. Join, poke, etc. Reason? Possible upgrade.
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