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Found 114 results

  1. MPG1770

    100X Zoom

    Took about 90 minutes to get this shot - didn't have a tri-pod - and it was very cold - first day of summer
  2. Yo, Anyone have any experience using downloaded .obj files in Photoshop or any 3D files in general? I'm trying to use downloaded 3D object files, but they're not displaying their original textures. Everything is opening in white only. S.
  3. stutters


    Flying out early and in late via KPDX has its perks. Sunrise on Hood above the clouds (departure). Sunset over Hood, Bachelor and Jefferson on arrival.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4pBMOemTZ0
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tB8D2QZ9lA4
  6. Original idea: http://www.froginawell.net/china/2008/04/east-meets-west/ Russia edit: http://files.adme.ru/files/comment/part_1382/13819505-1381154059.jpeg
  7. http://vimeo.com/66365713#
  8. Here is a funny thing, the Earth has the rings, it is not visible form the surface of your planet. Rings are surrounding the Earth at 400-600 km. Thin layers of dust and debris make few rings at a height of 400-600 km, and they are all has different angle. Lets say our planet has the rings like Saturn, then we might not have ever existed.
  9. walkingCat


  10. walkingCat

    Don't Touch!

  11. walkingCat

    GC Doodle

    I remember there were 2 posts about art and doodling, and here what I drew while I was on a conference call.
  12. Hey so for everyone who is interested heres my facebook page: Www.facebook.com/tsunamimakeup And my deviantart gallery Www.tsunamithewave.deviantart.com
  13. I don't have much practice photo-editing, but I thought this came out looking pretty nice.
  14. ValenAlvern


    So Ive been working on this for...3.5 4 hours? Something like that, and Im not even done yet D= I think its coming along nicely though. (Sorry for the full size image, I'll try to get a reduced image file to replace it) Original Size: 1000x1400 (10inchx14inch), reduced to 65%(Let me know if you want it smaller) Was thinking of a warrior and what comes to mind? Swords and Magic, what comes after that? Fire, and that? Dragons. What comes to mind when thinking of Warriors in general? A big buff dude or something like that, maybe a big axe or something (HINT). Its mostly hand drawn, the only thing that isn't is the textures Im using...cant really make those hand drawn without mass image manipulation... well at least I cant yet. PS, I like signing my "name" when I start, normally in white, but I inverted it to show. Now in Super Demented Form... a.k.a Chibi.
  15. stutters


    [utube]CR7pm9HkjoE[/utube] best enjoyed .
  16. EbilDustBunny

    My *new* Wallpaper

    LINKY Teehee I thought it was time to let everyone know.
  17. In case anyone is interested, I've created a little web gallery of photos I've taken on SmugMug: http://numberfive.smugmug.com I used to be on Flickr, but Smugmug allows for the original images and a nice printout interface too (read: Smugmug is better). Please let me know your comments and if you have any suggestions for improvement. I'm no pro like a lot of the work I see online, but every comment helps.
  18. if i posted this before, well, whatever. my memory sucks. if not, or even if i have, he's doing some new hdr work that i thought you guys might enjoy. he appreciates feedback, good or bad, and always likes answering technical questions. leave a comment on the blog, or else. http://blog.acjohnsonphoto.com
  19. bullet-401

    Fireworks 09

    Full Album: http://www.chriserickson.us/coppermine/thu...ls.php?album=15 I took about 90 photos.. these are the only ones that turned out ok. Enjoy! This one is my favorite
  20. As ya'll know there's a new lens coming out for Nikon Users, and mainly focused for DX users, the new "AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G" and the great news is, its $200!, how great is that? awesome price indeed! It should be out in other locations by now but cant get ahold of them in my locations[fl.lauderdale] just yet, so seeing if anyone here actually got ahold of them... If so, how is it and is it worth buying? Im leaning towards buying this lens but already have a 50mm 1.4D Reason I want this lens is, its a tad bit wider and can use this as a landscape lens as well unlike the 50mm. thanx in advance, -Sedah