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Tired of seeing Fatso beg for topics...



Who is the better coach, the Zen Master Phil Jackson or Larry Brown of the Pistons?


Can Detroit's defense and lack of a true superstar prevail against the 2 greatest single players in the game today (Shaq and Kobe)?


Should Karl Malone and Gary Payton give it up and retire at the end of the season? Should they try to latch onto another team in their quest for a RING?


Will I return to see the replies to this post?


Why is everything GREEN??


Viva Le Coalition?

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Larry is doing a heck of a lot more with the talent he has vs. Phil and his all-stars.


I hope the Pistons win...scratch that, I hope the Lakers LOSE!


Did you come back to see this reply Dirk?


-- ikztiwoN kriD [mmmM]

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I'm not band-wagon either...I used to love the Lakers...never liked Shaq...something about a dominant force in a game that acts as if he's a dominant force just makes me dislike him (I never really was a fan of Jordan either...didn't dislike the guy just didn't enjoy watching him play as much as most people)

I would like to see Malone win a ring though...I don't care what the guy is like in real life...he has paid his NBA dues I'd say...though clearly he's not that great without an amazing passer feeding him the ball...

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The league has a history full of players who "paid their dues" yet still didn't get a ring. In my opinion, a ring is "earned" in the course of a single season - you don't "deserve" a ring just because you play in the league for 15 years. Malone had his chance to get a ring. THREE times in fact.


Barkley, Malone, Mourning, Kidd, Ewing, Miller, 'Nique, Lanier, Alex English, Gervin, D. Thompson, Stockton - none of these guys have rings, even though they are hall of famers. :nono:

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