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This months installment of the Open Sight Slaughter series will be held, Friday, July 15th at 10PM est.


We will be going back to the basics this month, with the classic Dust2 as the battleground.


First 20 are in, plus 3 back ups.


1. Leveller

2. Wayfarer

3. Duke

4. M2

5. Campkillyorself

6. BushMaster

7. Shadow

8. Vovik

9. Random n00b

10. Brillow

11. Ice Berge

12. Kilzugud

13. Pavid

14. Something Clever

15. Shortdogg

16. Shep

17. Xall

18. Primus

19. Quake Girl

20. Almighty


Back ups:

1. VooDooPC

2. Stuttering John

3. [XX] The Shadow

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dang this'll be the first one i miss. cottage weekend with all my friends. sorry cs but some things are more important. have a good one boys.



i saw this one early too... dang

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Guest Sh0rtD0gg

Sign up the D0gg if theres still rooom

Edited by Sh0rtD0gg
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