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Ok this is where we are going to talk about setting up scrims... If you want to join in on one post here, and if you know more about them, please help...lol... I want to get the numbers a bit better here... And remember don't do anything!!! Although this is something... :lol2:

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Hello everyone!


Let me start off by saying thanks to Girlgamer for setting up this forum.


The Guild of Calamitous Intent has decided to have a branch of competetive members who want to scrim and use the Guild name. I'm pretty excited for that, Kruten started the idea and he will lead up all the arrangements with other clans and all that stuff.


For this forum, use it to chat about the Guild, upcoming events, anything Guild material.


Make sure that if you recruit someone you send me a pm with their name or toss it on this forum.


Remember, the Guild is a non-clan! So have fun and poke fun.


Cheers anyone?


#2 Nick Soapdish

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2gunsfiringv17nt.gif   stutteringjohn4td.gif




That's jsut wrong!

Hockey Night in Canada belongs in Detroit, we all know this. Doesn't Don Cherry have a house round 8 mile?


Anyways, I don't think that the Canucks have ever beaten the Wings, with or without the Russians.


Go russia, go wings, go detroit, go guild!


soapdish :meanface:

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Guest BlutKrieger
Guest BlutKrieger
Guest BlutKrieger

im down to do some scrims.....just lemme kno.....and yea...nick.....i got vovik to join the guild...just to let u kno

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