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Im very good at writing story's. I believe I have a good script/storyline expansion pack idea for HL2. I call it Half-Life 2: Insurrection. Its set a few months after Freeman stops Breen and closes the combine "portal". Alyx and the resistance manage to secure the Citidel. Even though they cant get reinforcments quickly from the homeworld, the combine are still a formiddable and dangerouse force to deal with. Even though Breen was the the combines "human" liason to the humans, Im going to introduce a combine commander known as the Combine Praetor or Chancellor. Secretly running the remnants of the combine forces. This also gave the embattered nations of earth time to reassemble their forces to deal with the combine one more time. The Gman is able to negociate a military treaty with with the new vortigaunt leaders of Xen( Nihilanth was killed in the first one as you all know). So we would see the return of the Xen soldiers and aliens from halflife, Blueshift and Opposing force remade in wonderful Source code that could be used in squads and be controllable. I think Barney would be a good choice to lead the charge this time because he is an important character in the story due to his relationship with their icon, Gordon Freeman. He'll be equiped with a new generation of hazzard suite (An all out combat version) and add a few weapons, like a universal assault rifle. I had one idea where this rifle could be used to paint targets with a laser where we could use the captured orbital beam weapon used in HL2. And a few other goodies. Theres quite a bit more to the story but thats it in a nutshell. Its my version of all out war for HL2. How would one present something like this to valve other than just sending them a script? Im pretty sure I would have to come up with some basic level designs. Any Ideas? What do you guys think of the basic storyline? Thanx, the Rev. :D

P.S. Could someone use Maya 7 from Alias/Wavefront to creat usable levels for HL2?

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