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THE REAL DEAL: Spend Fatty's Money

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Ok guys, well, ends up I'm a liar. I'm not going to build at this time. I decided to pick up a laptop. This allows me to roam free in my house, and do work (administration type stuff for gc, grades for school, etc) and still be around the family. I also spent my vacation in Texas, where there's laptops everywhere you turn (meaning in my family) and I think it just rubbed off on me.


There just ended up being more pros for going this route atm.


I appreciate all your work and time, and I'm sorry that I'm not moving with anyone's proposals and thus cannot present anyone with the prize I offered at this time.




While others hopefully benefitted from the information, etc...the deal is not closed yet, but just needs to be adjusted.


I'd like to know if there's ANYTHING that I can do with my current system (now, or 4 months from now) that would allow me to notice the difference.


Again, here's my current system:





2 x 512 MB DDR PC3200 400MHZ





Now, cheap upgrades, but still noticable


(I understand if any of you thumb your nose at me and stomp off...)

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The main problem with that is just the 9800XT, and maybe the 3200+. I'd suggest going with some of the things they have already suggested like the X800 and the 3700+.

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new video card, but it wouldnt be worth it. If you could find an AGP version of a 6800GT or an x800 series, PRO XT, x850 pro. You will get more FPS. But those are in the range of 250-300 dollars if you find one. Your better off waiting untill you can a processor and motherboard, that way you can get a PCI-express and not have to buy old hardware.

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don't bother upgrading to agp. it's just a waste right now. you'd get way better increase in source with a cpu upgrade. given that you have the highest socket a available (kruten he's on athlon xp not 64) there's not much point in doing anything but s939 a64 which means pci express. just wait 4 months and post up again.


btw, sorry for not making a quote. xmas was really busy starting a new job at my fav computer store and also looking to buy my first car.

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