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hey guys,

first off i am not putting down anyone or their beliefs but i have wondered why do some christians pray for so many things? I have spent a little time educating myself about christianity and i have never really seen a huge theme of prayer for things you want in life. I KNOW there are things in the bible that speak of prayer but I really dont think it is a concept that is pushed in the bible as much as it is used. I looked at the christian site and saw alot of the prayer requests and kinda wondered.... I mean God has already given us the only thing we ever really need which is freewill... Think about the next thing you pray for and decide if you could not have taken care of it on your own. Anything quality in life does not come easy and struggle makes us better people.


Anyways I would like to hear the other side of the coin so looking forward to hearing from you all.

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The concept of prayer is predominant in the Bible. One verse even says "Pray without ceasing".


Prayer is not asking for things you want. It is seeking God's help for our lives. I remember praying so hard for a minibike when I was a little boy. And boy did I have faith too! Of course God never answered that prayer. I can also remember praying for victory in a game... and such stuff. I think I have matured some since then. (I hope at least)


Prayer is very powerful. It is actually entering the presence of one who can do anything He pleases. And God always answers prayer, just not always with a yes.


The more important prayer is the one that deals with our relationship with Him, not actually for things. Confession of sins to seek forgiveness is paramount. Then prayer for strength to overcome said sins.


I don't know, but for me, prayer is my chance to express my love to God. Not to treat him like a bell boy and just ask for 'things'.


But God can do what He pleases and there have been times He has given me things. I usually look at those times a just an affirmation of His love for me. And at times when I have to do without something I have asked for, He reminds me of those special times not only when He gave me something but when He helped me bear the burden of doing without.


God is good all the time!

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It's an interesting concept, especially coupled with an omniscient god. After all, wouldn't that all-knowing god KNOW what your prayer is going to be ahead of time? If so, what's the point?


I'd think the benefit in prayer is for the person doing the praying and those it affects. Kind of a "at least I'm doing something, and maybe something good will come of this" mentality. I can't fathom another reason why someone would pray, especially to an omniscient being.

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Knowing what you would/will pray is not the same as you taking it upon yourself to do it. As a less than all-knowing bum, I know that my nephew will knock on my door tomorrow morning at approximate 6:30. Knowing that ahead of time, I will still smile and be happy when he does. That's my take.


Beyond that, even if you are an agnostic and you pray you get all kinds of beneficial brain activity from releasing endorphines to getting deeper brainwave activity that is more akin to sleeping/dreaming. Even if there were no God to believe in, your brain rewards you for praying. More so than general meditation. So the more a person's faith leads them to pray, the more they are rewarding themselves.


Aside from all of the secular reasons pray, as Rev said, the Christians were asked to pray. Now I will try to find a link to the brain stuff! :shrug03:


This one mentions meditation, but note is the intensely focused prayer-like meditation:








The brain activity patterns in the meditating Buddhists were similar to those in the praying Franciscan nuns, another religious group studied by Newberg. Hymns, chants, ritual dancing, and sacred rites may also intensify focus, block out external stimuli, and provide a pathway to mystical experience, even in nonbelievers.


1 more:



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