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Royal Family Kids Camp 2006


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$1,000!!!!!!! TYTYTYTYTYTYTY!


We did it! You did it!


PS. We don't have to stop now!


For another $200 we could gnab another tee box / green sign (one comes with the corporate sponsorship)!


This way we could devote one soley to GC, and one to FFO!


Can we find $200 more out there?

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Fifty more bucks and we're done!!!


Look how far we've come from my original goal of $300. I'm typeless. Well, ok, not typeless, as I'm typing...but speechless wouldn't have made any sense, cause I could be speechless and it wouldn't matter in an online discussion board so then I ....erm..nvmd.


How about this...the generosity of this community, and the willingness of so many people to dig up a contribution for some kids.....welp...in the game you get me with a headshot....this, my friends, is a heartshot. I'm touched. Thank you.

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I have some pictures of our team at the golf outing. I'll hopefully post em up later today.


We finished 4th or 5th at -5. We went 10 straight holes playing par golf....not good in a scramble. Then we reversed our "purity approach" and then started a comeback powered by Labatt Blue. It was too little too late.


However, the entire event was a complete success. The event wll probably have raised 7 or 8k toward this year's camp! That's a large chunk of money.


To recap, the GC community came up with $1,200 to donate to Royal Family Kids' Camp, which is a week-long camp for children, ages 7 to 11, who have been abused and/or neglected.

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Leveller came up the night before to head out to a local pub for some darts and brew.


Left to right: Duke, Bub, Lev, Fatty



Our golf crew, looking sharp in our FF shirts, by our sponsored hole:

Standing: Lev and my buddy Gio

Kneeling: Clueless and myself



As I mentioned, the team stayed idle until we started feeding the monster....



Anyone else feel that Clueless is enjoying washing his balls just a little too much?? Even so much that Gio seems prepared to use his driver on him if it gets too much further out of hand...


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NOOOOO! i missed it. I DEMAND WE START UP ANOTHER DONATION POT SO THAT I CAN JOIN IN TOO! lol j/k... sry guys, maybe i can help with the donation next year. or any other upcomming events.


On the other hand. GJ GC! i am very very happy to hear that atleast ;) 1200 dollars was raised. and am this |---------------------------------------------------------------------| much happier about being part of gc!.


Oh and fatty is there a way that i can become a camp aid or counselor? only 15 but i am a boy scout and have worked in a week long summer camp so not completely new to the whole caring for others

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You've given your money for the wordly matters to be handled. Now it's time to see it through. Pray for the kids, that each of those that has been chosen for our camp is able to attend, and has an incredible week.


Camp staff goes down tomorrow.


Campers arrive on Monday.



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Back from camping!


Royal Family was AWESOME...a HUGE success and our best camp yet! Simply amazing.


After RFKC, my family met Fish and some of his friends down in Mohican territory for the weekend. Good times!

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