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NEw Motherboard and Processor


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I think i maybe selling my computer and upgrading to one i am building on my own. I have my own ideas about waht processor and motherboard i want to use but i thought i would ask your alls advice. I want top of the line performance and money = not a real issue, but a little one. So let me know what you think. Thanks.

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if you check the link in my sig it's my company so you can pretty much tell what i think is the best right now. prices are in canadian dollars and are obviously a tad more then what you'd spend to buy the parts yourself. i updated it about 3 weeks ago. i'll update it again once the new mobos for the new amd cpus are more plentiful.

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It really depends on if you want a turnkey system or are willing to overclock and tweak a system. Overclocking has really never been easier it seems than now, and you can turn a $267 Opteron 165 or even the venerable $120 Pentium D 805 into an FX-62 killer ($1000 chip), check Tom's Hardware for their recent articles on this.


Other questions for you to answer before taking this further are:


Do you want/plan to run SLI? nVidia 7950 SLI on one card?

What case/form factor do you want? mATX? ATX?

How much hard drive space do you need?

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