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I've reserved the Holiday Inn in Hudson for July 27-29, 2007.


Do not make travel plans quite yet, as we are going to give ear to a place or two that has interest in our event. However, if we're back in Hudson, that will be the date.

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well coming from the wc, i think this trip cost me a total of 400



Holy budget bus trip, Moss!


I think I spent that much on beverages and food alone. <runs back to the warroom for better estimates>

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not much of a budget really


plane ticket - 10 bucks <3 miles

room -145

strip joint - 100

food n stuff - 60

misc crap - 100


$100 (and not for the misc crap either)? Think you'll need more than that... :biglaugha:

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I prolly won't decide if i'm going to attend until like late Jan... like last time...


Like i said before, I will be going so I think you better start saving up and make sure you go Ebil. Just think of the (death) sound wav we could put together at the end of FF with both you and I there :biglaugha::biglaugha: we could go on a TMP killing spree :biglaugha:


Anyways, Me and Shadow will be there next year for sure. :peace:

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Well dang, I mentioned it at dinner tonight (Took the wife and kids out to my wifes fav Mexican resturaunt) and Holly said "Thats cool, we can celebrate Corinne's bday early or late.".. WOOHOO!!! So Im good to go for next yr if the dates are set.. :)

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