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OSS Signup!!

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It's that time again, OSS!!


I know you have been waiting for this to start and here it is! Signup starts now and will fill up fast so grab your spot!


We're going to start something new with OSS from now on. Each time it happens it will move to one of the other servers. We'll hit all four servers in a roundabout fashion. This OSS will be on Mayhem and feature the theme of Project Mayhem we've all come to love! It will be scopeless and on De_Losttemple.


Here's the dates to remember

Friday: Today - Start Signup

Tues: 7/18/06 - Captains selected and teams picked by the captains

Friday: 7/21/06 - OSS start at 9pm Eastern. Please be in the server before this time!


The team selection may happen sooner if the singup fills up faster. That way teams can have more time for strats. The rules have slightly changed from before so be sure to check those out.



- Signup is open to everyone!

- 15 Rounds Per side, playout full 30 rounds. If tied after that then one Overtime (3 rounds per side)

- 20 Players + 5 backups. Backups are only subject to the no-show rule if they are activated (and will contacted to make sure they are avilable before that happens)

- Any no-shows will be banned from ALL GC servers for 1 week, starting after the OSS finishes. This is so we don't have to spend a lot of time at the OSS start looking for backups. If you really need to withdraw yourself from the signup you must contact myself, Stuttering John or your team captain at least 4 hrs before the match. Doing so means you will not be penalized for withdrawing.

- The server will be locked down before the OSS and password locked. The password will be given to team captains and posted in each teams forums.

- A 1v1 knife-off will be used to set which sides each team starts on. 1 Player from each team will move into the fight and fight. When 1 falls another from his team takes his place. This goes until one team has been defeated. Any use of guns automatically forfiets starting side to the other team.


Oh, and I'll be playing but not as a captain. Your two captains will be voluntary.


1) Ice_Berge

2) M2

3) Shadow

4) Mookie

5) Shazz

6) Leveller

7) Wayfarer

8) LCD

9) Jay Swift

10) ScubaDan

11) Primus

12) Demoner

13) Meherdmann

14) VooDoo

15) Cujo

16) JackieChan

17) Vovik

18) Franny

19) Krakers

20) Witt



1) tkc

2) Charmin_Ultra




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