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Reload Bind

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Ok so I am sure you have all seen my "Cover me I'm reloading 114" bind when I reload in game. I like to use


this to let the other players behind me know to get my back and I find it helps me from getting blasted in the


face on a reload. However I was playing with SJ the other day and he asked me not to use it. I stoped using it


while he was ingame and then continued using it once he left. I thought it was just a personal request of his so


I didnt see a problem with using it when he wasnt in game. Then last night he started typing to me in console


asking me to stop using it alltogether on all gc servers. I can understand the reasoning (less typing in the log


files to review for admins) but I cant imagine it would be that much of a nucence. Only when under heavy fire


would I use it multiple times in a row but for the most part its just once every few mins. So I guess my


question to the admins and the community is how do you feel about this? Is it annoying or do you concider it to


be usefull? I can always use a different cfg for gc servers without the bind but I like to use it so I have to ask.

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It's annoying... Please don't use it on gc servers. The guy backing you up has eye's he can see you reloading.


BTW please reduce the size of you sig to 256x64




I will change my sig size when I get home (I am currently at work)


and also people arent always looking at you to know you are reloading... if they were giving good backup they would be waching your flank.

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contrary to what it might seem, i'm not out to get you. we do try to run competitive pubs, so this might seem counter intuitive, but you hit it on the head. we run clean servers, so admins kinda have to (or should) read everything that's being typed. if everyone on the server used those binds, well, you get it. clean servers takes priority over competitive servers.


and on that note, please also refrain from using exploits, for example, standing under the train and defusing the bomb that's planted on top.

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and on that note, please also refrain from using exploits, for example, standing under the train and defusing the bomb that's planted on top.



Hahahah ok yeah I remember that... I needed cover and it is a pub I didnt realize that cal rules applied. I wont do that anymore. But you should play on west more so I can show you my ninja knife skills :freak:


I really appreciate the community you guys have established and will refrain from using that bind in gc servers but please be understanding if I do it a couple times on accident cuz I forgot to load my new gc.cfg


And on another note after I find a new house and move I plan on buying my gc membership :peace:

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oh ok now i understand john, can someone explain to me how to undo the bind that i did for this, i have it to because i felt it was a great idea.


we do and say this kind of stuff in the military so i thought it was a very tactical thing to do. sorry just explain how to take it off and i will.


i just thought it was a good idea i guess i was wrong. sorry everyone.


i guess i am just brainwashed by uncle sam on the best ways to stay alive.

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