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tastes good


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Nathan's Famous hotdog slow grilled


Aunt Millie's hot dog bun (honey) lightly toasted/warmed on the grill


1 slice of Kraft American cheese on the bun with the dog then put in the bun


Heinz ketchup


sweet relish


regular Doritos


Coca-Cola, ice cold




Best when consumed by a camp fire!

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When I went to Mandarin last weekend, I began with a steaming, hot bowl of won ton, had some crisp, creamy caesar salad to follow, along with some fresh, chilled crab meat and fine-boiled, doubled eggs.

Moving on to the appetizer plate, I had warm, juicy breaded calamari, succulent chicken balls, brown fried rice with assorted veggies and a long piece of bbq sauce-smothered pork ribs.

The main plate was fresh pickled ginger, spicy, hot sheczhuan beef, fresh, breaded crab cakes and delicious chow mein.

Finally, the dessert to top it all off, was a plate-sized waffle, fresh off the grill, covered with whipped cream, chocolate powder, BLUEBERRY jam and bubble-gum ice cream. I never thought one plate of food could bring me so close to Heaven. (I really was dying from my stomach being about to burst)

It's been a week and I want to go back already.....

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